January 1, AD 79

AD 79. It's been fifteen years since the great earthquake, and the small costal town of Pompeii is still trying to recover. The colosseum was just rebuilt recently, and repairs are almost finished. Things are starting to look up for us here.

But then it happens. Mt. Vesuvius, the great mountain, has exploded. And the people don't know what to do. It happened too fast, to sudden, for us to prepare. Will we make it out alive?

Dear Diary,

I got this journal as a gift from my grandparents. They are some of the few select people that know that I can read, speak, and understand English. It is a secret I wish to keep as long as I can. The only other two people that know are my best friends, Fabiola and Felix. 

Oh, my mother is calling me. I will see you soon. 

With love,


The End

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