Chapter TwoMature

“Well, that was fun.” Chuckling to himself, he got onto his bike, buckled on his helmet, and then tested the strength of the machine between his thighs, revving the accelerator under his palm. He had nowhere to be at the moment and the scene from ten minutes back had been all the fun he would be having tonight.

He was expected back at his mother’s at the crack of dawn to help out with cleaning her attic. This only meant that it would be a Sunday chore he could do very well without. But he also couldn’t let down his mother. Not because he was an overtly obedient son, but only because his mother would bring down the fury of hell if he backed out at the last minute. The woman would chop off his balls and then freeze ‘em up for eternity.

Shaking his head at the scary thought, he kept up a steady pace on his bike and passed a gas station on the side of the road where his gaze was drawn to a navy blue sedan that looked suspiciously similar to the one driven by the woman he had spooked earlier. Resisting his impulse to tease her again, he passed the station and kept riding in the general direction of the condo he had leased for the month.

He still had more than a fortnight to spend in this quaint, hill side town and he had already given up on finding anything worthwhile to do while he recovered from the injury that had forced this sabbatical on him. To make matters worse, his mother had felt obliged to enforce her will on him one more time. “You should come here, honey. I will be able to look after you and ensure that you rest and take it easy. It has been ages since I last saw you. Now, be a dear and get yourself on the next flight.”

And that had been that. No further discussions or pleas would sway her mind. The tickets had been booked, not on the next flight as his mother had wanted, but on the one after that. He could be rebellious when he wanted to, he had thought with a little smirk that had instantly made him realise how pathetic he was being.

The days here were endless and the nights bleak. He only had his mother’s company to look forward to and ironically, she had been off on a vacation with her latest ‘boyfriend’, as she liked to call them, for the past ten days. Having returned only a couple of days back, she had switched into concerned mother-hen mode and had ordered him to cancel his lease and haul his ass back to her house. Only the thought of letting ‘good money’ go to waste had finally convinced her to let him be. However, this came with a caveat that he would visit her everyday and ‘be a nice boy and take his pills and rest’.

Clearly, he wasn’t being a nice boy right now. Had his mother known what he was up to at this hour, she would have reached up on the balls of her feet and pulled his ear. Surely she wouldn’t have cared that he was a strapping man in his early thirties, or that she did not even reach up to his chest. She would have ordered him to crouch so she could punish him.

Feeling nostalgic for his tyrant of a mother, who he had seen just this morning, was a rude shock to him. He increased his speed and headed further into the night, humming to himself and thinking once again about the woman he had spooked out of her wits earlier. A deep, chuckle could be heard wafting through the silent night with the crickets joining in and making it a cacophony.




The End

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