Chapter 20- Part 2

Telthar’rion nodded, smiling.

“And greetings to you also, Aveyna.” She looked up into his face as he offered her his hand. She took it gently and stood up. He studied her face a moment, noting the redness in her eyes and the slight dampness of her cheek. He released his grasp on her hand, and motioned for her to follow him. As she did so, she realised that the world now blurred around her, and for a moment, flashed white around her. Afraid and confused by this sudden change, she took hold of Telthar’rion’s hand and gripped her sword tightly in the other.

As the world returned to normal, the white light sang and echoed in her ears. Staring about with her wide eyes, Aveyna realised that their location had changed dramatically. As she continued to look, her eyes widened further, her breath died in her throat and her skin paled. No... not here... why has he taken me here? Consumed by her fear, her eyes rolled back into her skull and she let go of Telthar’rion’s hand, sinking to the floor into unconsciousness.


Telthar’rion was soon aware of this, and he knelt quickly, taking Aveyna by the waist, and lying her down gently, to prevent her from damaging herself further. He scanned the landscape, knowing full well why he had brought her there, before muttering a few words. As he did so, he cupped his hands as they filled with water, before gently pouring it upon her face to wake Aveyna. She came round quickly, gasping for air, her chest rising and falling quickly. Between her gasps for breath, she tried to speak, but failed, the words unable to pass her lips. Telthar’rion told her to breathe slowly, over and over again, and she gradually obeyed, colour flowing back into her cheeks, her eyes brightening and her chest now rising and falling at a more acceptable rate.

Slowly she sat up, shirking Telthar’rion’s help. With her voice at once more determined, she turned to face him, and asked,

“Why have you brought me to this place? Do you not know what painful memories I have of it?” Telthar’rion’s eyes were clouded for a moment with temporary regret.

“That, Aveyna, is why I have brought you here.” Aveyna stood up, leaning on the hilt sword for support, until she was able to stand by herself. She narrowed her eyes, her face filled with confusion.

“I thought that you were different, Telthar’rion. I thought that you were kind. Do you have any idea how much this place hurt me, or of the pain that I can feel right now?” There were tears in her eyes as she said this, her pained heart thumping loudly in her chest as she tried, in vain, to understand the strange elf before her.

“Whatever happened here is preventing you from fulfilling your duty, Aveyna. I know it.” Aveyna gasped.

“How do you know?” Telthar’rion ignored this question, walking forward with the words,

“Follow me.”

The End

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