Chapter 19 - Part 2

Once the group felt able to move once more, Alyxandra woke Aveyna, and they continued to make their way to the town of Westbridge, refreshed from their rest, and glad of it. Alyxandra led the way, thinking it best for her to navigate, given the conflict it had caused previously. Yvellen walked beside Aveyna, still reeling from Aranaytha’s actions, with Luan rubbing his nose against her legs as they walked. Aranaytha walked next to Telthar’rion, her beautiful azure eyes edged with a thin line of red. Telthar’rion marked this in his mind, wondering for a moment whether this meant that Aranaytha did indeed feel any remorse. As she walked, something was at work within her, a strange force of which she only had a mild awareness. They continued to walk, in an uncomfortable silence, marred by their divide, until they finally reached Westbridge.

Night had fallen heavily when they reached it; the stars were countless and the moon high, so as they reached the inn, they barely took notice of its name - The Inn On The Bridge - dropping a few coins on the counter and making their way upstairs to bed, not saying a word to each other. Alyxandra, Aranaytha, Yvellen and Luan found their rooms quickly, worn out utterly by the day’s events. But as Telthar’rion and Aveyna held the handles to their doors, they looked to each other for a moment in the silence, finding for a moment temporary comfort, before a wave of fatigue swept over them and they rolled into bed.

The End

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