Chapter 18 - Part 4

Curiosity entered Alyxandra’s mind.

“Has your gift told you anything else?” As soon as these words left her lips, she regretted having said anything; Telthar’rion’s face darkened, his mouth became something quite terrible to look at. There was anger in his eyes and a sudden aggression apparent in his face.

“Gift? You think this is a gift?” Telthar’rion spat the final word, injecting it with contempt as he slammed his hands upon the table, disturbing the wine in his goblet, the surface of the deep red liquid shook. Alyxandra became overwhelmed with guilt as she noticed the deep pain in his eyes. “I have watched the deaths of my previous comrades countless times, powerless to prevent them from meeting with fate. The difference is that this is the first time that I have been able to tell anyone. Perhaps, with this knowledge, you can do something to alter the course of time.”

Alyxandra nodded, smiling weakly, lifting from her some of the guilt. “Forgive my outburst, Alyxandra.” Telthar’rion said, a sudden sympathy in his voice. Alyxandra shook her head slowly,

“No, forgive me, Telthar’rion. I should have realised such things for myself.” Telthar’rion smiled.

“Then it is settled.” he said, getting to his feet, before leaving Alyxandra with a few words of wisdom. “There are those who believe that to know the future would be a wonderful thing - they could understand their destiny and look forward to better things. However, when faced with the burden of death, pain and agony, I wish that the-” he paused, searching for the right word, “ability would desert me, and leave me to experience everything normally. I knew that I was fighting a losing battle with you. I already knew what you would choose.” Alyxandra smiled.

“Indeed I have, Telthar’rion.” He smiled wider, his eyes filling momentarily with a glimmer of mischief.

“Then, we should hurry back to Thornhurst, should we not?” Alyxandra smiled, stood, and nodded slowly, her face filling with a sudden, joyous resolve. She began to walk backwards, still facing Telthar’rion, saying,

“I must go and ready my things. Thank you, Telthar’rion.”

“Thank you? For what great deed am I receiving such gratitude?”

“For helping me to see everything clearly. Everything is so obvious to me now. I am more aware of my own emotions, even more aware of myself. It is for that, that I thank you.” Alyxandra smiled wider a moment, before turning away from Telthar’rion and ascending the stairs, half-running, to do as she had announced.

Telthar’rion took a sip of his wine and sighed. He closed his eyes, allowing his mind to run. A thought filled his mind, then a realisation, before finally, a new task became clear to him. Draining the last of his wine, he returned to goblet to the landlady, leaving with it a couple of coins, before ascending the stairs, the thought escaping his lips.

“One down, one to go.”

The End

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