Chapter 18 - Part 3

“Alyxandra, I tell you now, that your decision may doom the both of you - are you certain?” For a moment, Alyxandra’s heart fluttered faster, like a hummingbird’s wings, her eyes narrowed and her mind ran, as she began to fear all the pain she may cause Alceren in her decision. And then, an image crossed the surface of her mind’s eye - she saw the pair of them, strengthened by each other, destroying the evil Erebus once and for all. It was in this moment that the stone-edged word left her lips.

“Yes!” It was with this confirmation that Telthar’rion began to speak, in words that the elves of long ago used, and his eyes seemed to glow white. Holding her hand, they found a moment, a position in time, in which no one could see them - the busy tavern was unaware of the event taking place before them. As he spoke, a bright light seemed to shine from the amulet, setting the emblem of royalty alight with a white, brilliant fire, a flame that began to lick at Alyxandra’s hand. She gritted her teeth against the pain, as the fire strengthened, hot against her pale skin. Telthar’rion began to speak louder, and the light engulfed the two of them. The pain became far too much for her to bear, and eventually, Alyxandra’s mouth contorted, widening into a terrible scream.

The light seemed to sing as it brightened, setting Alyxandra’s eyes alight for a moment, and they appeared to burn, almost liquid. The amulet, which seemed to be the source of the light, began to be sucked beneath Alyxandra’s skin, disappearing beyond the pale surface as she continued to cry out, tears streaming down her face and her hair swept about her face. As the amulet disappeared, the light began to fade, as her hair fell into its usual place, the tears stopped and her expression melted away, leaving normality beneath. As Alyxandra moved her hand to wipe away her tears, she saw red lines dancing, playing on her skin, in the shape of the royal emblem itself.

“Why has this happened?” Telthar’rion smiled.

“You have intertwined your fate with Alceren’s. Unless you, unless we, can rid this earth of Erebus Sablesword, you know what will happen to you.” As Alyxandra caught the last of her tears, she lowered her hand, asking,

“How do you know?” Telthar’rion’s smile faded, and he sat down, a motion that Alyxandra mimicked. He leant his elbows upon the table, linking his fingers and resting his head upon the backs of this joined hands. He looked up, staring right into Alyxandra’s face as he answered.

“I can... see the future. I have seen Erebus in my visions, his blades bloodied and the twisted smile upon his face. I know that will shall come across him. When, however, I do not know.”

“What did you see, Telthar’rion? I want to know.” Alyxandra asked, her voice pleading. Telthar’rion looked to the floor, and replied, not daring to look at her face.

“I saw him bent over you, Alyxandra, as you bled. His hair shielded your face from view, but I knew. And, then, I saw Erebus’ dark face, and I was certain.”

“Have you ever been wrong?”

“No,” he replied, “I am afraid, in this case, to say that my visions have always rung true.” Alyxandra was hit by these words, as they struck her like arrows and wounded her like swords. A glimmer of pain, bathed in resolve, became evident in her eyes.

“I shall have to battle with destiny.” Telthar’rion smiled.

“By all means, fight, fight your hardest. Do all you can.”

The End

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