Chapter 16 - Part 2

On the other side of the town, Yvellen was making his way through the masses, swinging his axe whenever an enemy came close and keeping a close eye on Luan, who was presently scaring much of the Stygian army away, with his large teeth bared and his eyes narrowed. As he fought, his axehead becoming red as he did so, he began to tire, and looked up to see Telthar’rion. Telthar’rion noticed the fatigue in his face and pointed his staff downwards. Instantly, Yvellen’s eyes glowed a moment, and he shook his head, then, a moment later, he felt completely refreshed. He nodded, thanking Telthar’rion, who smiled, and decided that he should see if any of the others required the same attention.

He hurried along the wall, and saw Alyxandra on the rooftops, unscathed, but breathing heavily. She turned to him, her eyes too glowing for a moment, smiling, and saluting him in thanks, before turning and firing more arrows down upon the Stygians. Telthar’rion continued to move along the wall and, feeling his sight was impeded by the hood he had been forced to wear, he pushed it backwards over his head so that it lay limp across his back.

He scanned the area and found Aranaytha, still incredibly beautiful despite the fact that the blood that had collected on her weapons was now leaking over onto her clothing. He pointed his staff and saw her smile as she was refreshed, before immediately turning and running towards the mass, a loud growl leaving her lips as she swung her sword once more. He continued to assist her for a moment, firing more bolts of light into their midst, before hastening on, knowing that he still had one more Blade of Twilight to find, as well as any injured guards. He met with a few of them as he ran, and healed them in the same fashion.

He began to worry now, as he had not seen Aveyna for a long time now; his brow furrowed behind the mass of blond hair, his amber eyes now studying the mass more closely. As he did so, he was struck by the flat of a Stygian’s sword, and he did battle with them, wielding his staff and defending himself from each strike, until eventually, he grasped the opportunity to cast another spell, freezing the Stygian in place before he struck him with his staff, and he shattered like crystal. Telthar’rion was more worried than ever as he continued to search for the elf who had placed them in such well-planned positions; she had not been in the centre of the square when he had previously searched there. He found a few Stygians trying to climb the wall and muttered a few words; the ropes began to untangle themselves, causing the climbers to lose their grip. They fell screaming to the ground.

The fear in Telthar’rion’s face was now etched so deeply it looked as though it had become a permanent feature of his face. He ran back, searching the far-reduced mass, when suddenly, a flash of white. He muttered more words and leapt from the wall, kept from falling by an imperceptible platform. Once he reached the ground, he ran into the mass, a few more bolts of light emerging from his staff, allowing him to see that flash of white more clearly. As he approached, one word echoed through his mind, his stomach twisting. No...

“No!” His thoughts were verbalised as he realised what he had found.

Aveyna lay face down upon the blood soaked earth, her eyes closed, and her blade clean.

The End

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