Chapter 16 - Part 1

As Telthar’rion looked over the north wall, he realised just how large the enemy offensive was - a swarm of black cloth moved towards them, and it was as though the ground was rising up against them. Telthar’rion took his staff, raising it high and speaking in the Elvish of the ancients, a language that was limited to the Benevolent Sorcerers in its knowledge. As he did so, the light he had sent out as a signal beam began to curl, and it wrapped like ribbon around a thin imperceptible column of air, before it slanted inwards towards a sharp point. This tusk of light was now tangible; Telthar’rion held it in his hands, and into his face was etched an expression of concentration. He moved his hands, the light moving with them, as he set upon a target in the oncoming dark mass. Narrowing his eyes, he pushed forward in a sharp motion with his hands, causing the bolt, like lightening, to strike the centre of the mass, sending those nearby into disarray and panic, as about twenty of them were engulfed, and knew life no more.

Aranaytha made her way through the enemy, her sword high and her shield held up to her face. She swung her sword to and fro, piercing their dark robes and slicing the skin and flesh beneath. The edges of her blade became a dark red, and blood oozed over the flat of the blade, her jaw tensed and her eyes narrowed as she continued to fell the enemies around her.

From above, Alyxandra sent a flurry of arrows, flying into the backs and arms and faces of those who wanted to capture the city. She ran along the top of the wall, bow in hand, arrows loaded, until she reached a point at which she could jump from the wall onto the buildings below. Taking a deep breath, she bent her legs at the knees and threw herself over the wall, releasing her arrows into the mass below, each meeting with an enemy as the fell. As she was in this state of temporary flight, she flipped backwards, firstly tucking in her knees, then pointed her legs and feet upwards as she gained an upside-down view of the world, until finally, she landed, the right way up, on the roof of a temple, in a crouched position, stopping herself with her left hand. Once she regained her balance, she stood and continued to run, firing arrows whenever possible - as long as she continued to move, she would avoid their dark and terrible magic.

The End

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