Chapter 15 - Part 2

After an hour or two had passed, and the moon and all her servants awaited their reckoning, the Blades of Twilight began to feel a mixture of emotions; they were glad that no attack of any kind had been launched, but also feared that their efforts had been for nothing. Another fear, daring to assume that the Stygians may have sent an informer to track them, and as such, would exploit any weaknesses found in their plans, filled their minds.

Aveyna sat, tracing images into the ground that only she could see, pausing to scan her surroundings for a signal or, she dreaded, an enemy. To distract her mind from fearful thoughts, she sang a song quietly to herself that she faintly remembered, one verse seeming to resonate at that time, a song, that although sorrowful in its tone, turned to a strange, bright hope;

As Night caresses the world in her grasp,
Silence spreads fear with the sound of her rasp,
But faced with courage and passionate hearts,
Silence, confounded, is silenced at last.

She smiled as she sang this, dispelling that silence of which she sang with each syllable. Although she would not admit it, her voice was beautiful indeed, filled with an ineffable passion and exuding an essence of experience.

She continued to sing as she scanned the area, the gentleness of her voice allowing it to bring calm to the area, the tension that silence brought fading. Presently, she sensed a certain vibration, and stopped singing; as she stopped, and the last notes skipped on the cobbles, the vibrations faded, and she sighed.

Suddenly, there was a large rumbling, a sound that seemed to have every intention of ripping through the ground, leaving chaos in its wake. She looked up to each of the four gates in turn, when suddenly, she was almost blinded by a brilliant, shining light, erupting upwards as though an explosion had taken place. They are coming from the north, she thought, I must ready myself.

She took her greatsword in both hands and began to make her way towards the light, her eyes watering as she approached. How brilliant this light is, as it comes to overwhelm the darkness - but how right it is that we should not be able to stare at its beauty.

Thinking this, she was filled with temporary strength, and began to run forward, raising her greatsword high and becoming lost in the light and the sounds around her. For as she ran into the light, she began to hear the song of metal and the symphony of the horns. Adding her own voice to the throng, she shouted, using words that have been lost to time, her heart burning and her eyes set upon the battle.

Alyxandra was part of that cacophony also - as soon as Telthar’rion had given his signal, so too had the attack begun on the southern front, the horns had sounded to the east and west too. They have launched a full-scale attack. But we are ready for them.

The End

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