Chapter 15 - Part 1

It did not take her long to find the others; they had convened accidentally in the centre of Raiholt, and were making light conversation as she found them, a little laughter echoing off the cobbles and walls around them. As she approached, they stood, expectantly watching as she came closer.

“I hope that everyone enjoyed their hours of respite - we are now needed at the north wall to find our positions for the evening, as our official duty is about to start. The others nodded, a new sensation of excitement tingling upon their skin. They followed her immediately through the now darker streets; the sun had almost made his temporary mistake, as the moon, that puppet queen, would reluctantly take his place. By the time they reached the wall, night had spread her power across Yalandir, plunging the world into darkness and, coupled with the curfew upon Raiholt’s people, there was an eerie silence.

All of them, aside from Yvellen and Luan, who had been instructed to wait below, followed Aveyna as she ascended the stairs to the top of the wall, then, having reached it, Aveyna began to speak. “Telthar’rion, you will stand where I am standing, and watch over the wall for any signs of the enemy.” Telthar’rion nodded, and raised his staff, ready for any attack. She then leant over the wall and called down, “Yvellen, Luan, you shall remain there. Telthar’rion will be your next port of call should conflict arise, from which point he will signal to us.” Yvellen nodded as Luan sat on his hind legs, staring into the distance, his dark eyes searching for any signs of abnormality; Yvellen’s axe handle now rested upon his shoulder.

Looking to Aranaytha and Alyxandra, she said to them, “Follow the wall around until you reach the opposing gate. Alyxandra, you shall stand above it, while Aranaytha awaits command below. Again, Aranaytha, should you discover the enemy, and find that you cannot dispose of it alone, Alyxandra is your partner, and you both shall be accountable for each other if they fall into difficulty.” Alyxandra nodded, as did Aranaytha, albeit more reluctantly, before they began their walk around the perimeters of Raiholt.

Aveyna then turned to Telthar’rion and said, “I shall be standing in the main square, as I have permission to stand near the mayor’s quarters - from that point I can see to all the gates and receive any signals from there.” Telthar’rion nodded, and Aveyna smiled, before saying, “Good luck.” Her words etched a rare smile into Telthar’rion’s expression, as he responded,

“And to you also.” Having positioned the others, and satisfied with the fact that she had made Telthar’rion smile, Aveyna descended the steps and made her way back to the centre of the square, confident that any enemy who did dare to challenge Raiholt’s peace would meet a painful end.

The End

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