Chapter 9 - Part 1

A week passed by with little to mark, save perhaps the fact that Yvellen took great pleasure in annoying Aranaytha - one day, he bade Luan, for that was his lion’s name, to wait while she bathed, so that when she emerged into her room, she was greeted by a purring lion lying upon her bed - despite this fact, she still screamed, for reactions to any unwanted creature, especially if the party involved is wearing nothing but her shift, and the intruder is in her bedroom.

Aranaytha did not remain completely innocent, however, as she too played her own tricks. He would wish to patrol the area and, finding his axe, would find the head missing, or he would enter his room to find Luan dressed to the nines with hair ribbons in his mane. It was all meant in good spirit however, and the two of them realised, that when they insulted each other openly or began to fight, it was because they were friends rather than enemies.

Aveyna, for the most part, remained inside, assisting Alceren with his correspondence, searching their pages for events of strategic importance, all the while concerned, for Telthar’rion’s sake, as to why he seemed so unwilling to divulge his past.

Alyxandra and Yvellen both had sad memories, and Aranaytha, although she is not always kind to me, misses her family dearly. I wonder what it could be that he wishes to hide?

The elf in question sat in his room for much of that week, remembering the images he had seen, quite unsure of how to act upon them, and whether he had truly recognised the elves, or whether the people he had seen were merely figments of his own imagination.

All of them had eaten meals together, however reluctantly some of them were to do so, many of them eager to return to their respective activities. Alyxandra often lingered a moment at the table to see if Alceren would tell her of the friend he once knew, whose memory she had conjured.

All that week, an energy had burned in Alceren, one which sought to break down the barrier between him and his feelings forever and and ever. So it had surprised her when, one night, at the very end of that week, when the others had left the table to return to their business, Alceren remained, looking into her face. Alyxandra found a deep pain in his eyes as he uttered three words,

“It is time.”

The End

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