Chapter 7 - Part 2

It was then that the final female could be seen clearly. Wearing a long white robe and a brass breastplate, and carrying a large greatsword in two hands, and camel coloured boots upon her feet, she looked decidedly plain in comparison with Aranaytha (although so did Alyxandra), her hair the colour of damp wood, worn in a plait that reached the small of her back, and her eyes a colour evocative of blood-soaked mud, her skin pale, although not as pale as Alyxandra’s, and her face altogether quite timid.

She approached them slowly and sat down between Aranaytha and Telthar’rion. Her eyes constantly had the appearance of being about to cry, and her mouth was small, pursed and pale. In a voice that was as plain and unexceptional as her appearance, she said,

“My name is Aveyna L’Renzia, another of the Sword Wielders, from the northern village of Faimoor.” Alceren, having realised that everyone was now seated, nodded as Aveyna finished introducing herself, the others mimicking his action, before he stood and looked a moment to the window. It was that time before afternoon gave way to evening, that time between daylight and darkness. He then looked at each elf in turn, their swords glowing due to the firelight before them, as it caught on the sharp edges of their weapons. An idea was formed firmly in his mind; he withdrew his sword from its sheath and placed it on the table, pointing it towards Aveyna.

Realising what Alceren was doing, Alyxandra crossed his blade with hers. Telthar’rion placed his staff horizontally across that, with the others all placing their weapons down in the same manner, until they formed the shape of a six-pointed star on the table. Once this was done, Alceren began to speak to the five elves seated before him.

“From now on, we are to work together as one group, united against the forces of darkness and as a beacon of hope for the people of Yalandir. We live in dark times, but together, we can bring light to Yalandir and her people. Now, at this point in time between the dictatorship of darkness and the reign of light, we shall be the Blades of Twilight, for as long as we stand together, no force may truly break us.” At this, Alceren held his sword aloft, the others taking up arms, standing in a circle around the table, pointing them towards the ceiling, and replying in one refrain, stemming from deep within, as though rehearsed,

“The Blades!” At this, those around who had seen the foundation of the Blades of Twilight, began to cheer, also calling the same refrain, lifting their flagons and tankards to the full length of their arms, before taking deep, long drinks and returning to their own conversations. A female voice, quiet among the chatter of the locals, asked,

“If we are to work together, perhaps we should know more of our comrades?” The speaker, Aveyna seemed anxious to begin. Alyxandra looked to Alceren for an answer; he nodded, and said,

“That is a good idea, Aveyna. Shall we begin?”

The End

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