NaNoWriMo 2011 ~ To Love The Blade

A tale involving the war-ravaged country of Yalandir, and six elves' quest to restore peace.
There will be meetings of swords, powerful magic, arrows shot straight and true,
There will be death, love and an outpouring of blood.
But will it all be worth it in the end?

When the earth was soaked with red and tears,
O’er the time of ten long years,
When common folk, Man, Elf and Dwarf,
Were overburdened by their fears,
Of the Darkness which now overwhelmed. 
With Valston under heavy siege, 
They issued a final, silent plea. 
The Darkness now arched over them, 
And terror, outraged, peaked, 
In this, Yalandir’s darkest hour, 
From far away, there was a murmur, 
Of those who sought a final stand, 
To bring peace once more to the Land.

~ Melodicus, A History in Verse, Lines 513-525

The End

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