NaNoWriMo 2011Mature

She is struggling with a major setback in her life. He is at crossroads and is unsure of where his life will take him.

She has a secret she will not share. He has a secret he has great fun with.

These two are as different as day and night. Yet, when their paths cross one fateful night, a connection is forged which may just be the answer to each of their questions.

Chapter One

The drop seemed to be sharper than she had imagined. The bottom looked too far from the precipice. Her hands were clammy from the cold sweat that was now covering her arms and neck in a smooth sheen. She rubbed her upper arms as if trying to generate some much needed heat and re-evaluated her options.

Should she jump off? Should she just get back inside the car? Should she at least try jumping? The last question revved her brain into action, silently mocking her.

Trying to jump, are we? Well, that’s a new low. Even for a dumb, pretty girl like you. And it was followed by a masculine chuckle which she was certain was not merely a figment of her imagination. Her brain did not have a male voice, did it?

She whipped her head around and looked around for the source of the noise. It had to be someone outside of her mind. Her mind couldn’t possibly be laughing at her in addition to the constant admonition. Her life couldn’t be that bad.

Well, it is. Bad, I mean.

She heard a man’s voice followed by the same chuckle. She was now truly worried. She lost all thought of jumping off the cliff and just backed away from the edge. She wanted to die off her own accord and not to be murdered at the hand of a weird guy who thought it would be funny.

She silently treaded on the soft, mushy soil of the cliff top and moved towards her car which was parked some way off. She felt the hair on the back of her neck rise up as if against some enemy presence. Goosebumps erupted across her forearms and the chill from earlier was replaced by a cold heat.

She stealthily looked around for the intruder as she continued towards the safe haven of her sedan. I shouldn’t have come here at all. Not in the dead of the night. Not without telling anyone.

Yeah, you shouldn’t have. Smart girl. Exactly what I have been trying to get through that thick head of yours.

She stalled in her tracks as she felt a gaze slide down her body. She could sense the presence of someone very near her, but the dark was obscuring her vision. Maybe he was behind the trees near where the car was parked. Maybe he was standing beside the deserted cottage she could see on her left. Maybe. Maybe.

Maybe he was only a figment of her imagination. Maybe he had been conjured up by her over active brain as a means to channel her fear of death into ensuring that she never even think about taking such a drastic step again. Maybe she was just losing her marbles.

As soon as she neared the door of her car, she slipped her hand inside the back pocket of her denims and tugged out the keys. Unlocking the car, she took one last look at the surroundings and shook her head, nearly certain that it was her imagination.

Just sit tight in that car of yours, sweetie. Yeah, slide right in. And leave before I make sure you know that I’m not merely in your imagination.

At that last warning, she pushed the key into the ignition and slammed the accelerator into top speed. Spinning the car away from the edge, she sped through the clearing and towards the highway that was some way off. She did not ease her foot off the pedal till she could see the headlamps of cars zooming past hers on the road.

The car stopped with a loud screech and she laid her head on the steering wheel. This was weird. The last thing she had expected was to be spooked out of committing suicide by a strange voice which apparently knew what was best for her. She massaged her aching temples as she stared at the road ahead of her. She had somehow forgotten where she was supposed to go. She did not know where she would turn up if she took the left, or even if she took the right. She did not have one of those new age GPS instruments, and she wasn’t sure she would even be able to operate one with such shaking fingers if she did. Helpless and losing her mind, she cried out a silent prayer to her Maker and cursed at the same time.

Sitting around here wouldn’t help in the least, she thought to herself. Angrily, she yelled inside her head, “Now where are you when I actually need some help? Bloody interfering little punk.”

Hey, don’t go calling me names now. You could have asked politely. Take a left and drive for ten miles. Then take another left and voila! You can see the sign of a motel and the directions around town as well.

“What the f..? Did I say anything out loud?”

She could not take any more of this drama and just followed the ghost’s instructions and took a left before he started talking to her yet again.


The End

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