NaNoWriMo 2010 - The Witching HourMature

An unavoidable force of nature, the embodiment of the earth with a relentless, ruthless ambition. Yet behind it all lies the capacity within Brakken to lead humanity. Just as there is God and there is Lucifer, Brakken is not the epitome of good or evil, but of the human condition. This is a story that starts with the place where he met his true fate. A path that he will have to tread 'till the very end.

Book 1

The Curse of Cliffside Inn


During the witching hour, it is said all things supernatural are awakened, witches stand at full strength, ghosts are awakened and the very demons that make your skin crawl, your soul shiver and your bones shake come to find you, and take you.

Pity not the man who opens his mind to such fancies, rather the one that scoffs at the nature of life, shunning the unlimited possibilities.

On the 12th of December, at 12 o'clock a child was born. 18 years later after arriving from Paris, he set off for York, on his travels however he emerged at a small tavern known as Cliffside Inn. Taking board here the man observed the goings on, creating a name for himself and biding his time. This story starts at 12 o'clock on a cold Autumn day.

The End

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