NaNoWriMo 2009: The Devil's Typewriter (working title)

A horror writer heads off to an isolated hotel to try and work on her creative block. The hotel has a grisly history and so it seems does the typewriter...

It had been raining heavily when I entered the shop; the sun was breaking through when I left a short time later, with my new find wrapped in waxed paper and clutched close to my body.  It had been a chance find, I hadn’t even been thinking of looking for something like this, hadn’t even realised I needed it.  When I had caught sight of it in the shop window; I knew I must have it.

The shopkeeper had looked up as though he was expecting me, in spite of the weather.  My arrival was announced by the chiming of bells, an old-fashioned touch.  Looking around the shop I realised it was in keeping with the rest of the shop’s décor; the antique till resting on the glass case of the display counter, the glass of which seemed unmarked by either time or dust.  The whole place seemed to be a remnant of the past; restored to former glory by care and attention to detail, making the softly lit boutique the perfect display for the many treasures it housed. 

Taking not centre-stage, but adorning one corner of the window display, the item, which had caught my eye as I had taken pause from my hurried trudge through the rain, rested on velvet.

With the parcel close to my body, I hurried home once more, barely noticing the puddles I splashed through, or the warmth of the sun that hastened to dry them.

The End

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