Charlie Wright is a 58 year old man, he has white hair and is quite sturdy.

“This… this is an angel?” he says looking towards Jack,

“Yeah, we need your help, she says this planet is blowing up in one hundred days” Jack says, Charlie fixates his glance towards Nunti.

“This… this is the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever seen”

“Did you just hear what I said?”

“Yes – wait, what? Are you kidding?”

“No, it’s what she said”

“My name is Nunti, my father sent me from my planet with the message” Nunti says,

“Are you serious?” Charlie asks.

“Yes. You have one hundred days until the apocalypse” Nunti rolls her eyes, now sick of repeating the same thing over and over again, but feels so sorry for these people. Charlie rubs his chin and looks at Nuntis wings.

“This is serious” he nods and takes a deep breath. He glances towards Jack. “Come with me, we'll sort this, and you said David Cameron needs to hear about this?”

“Yes” Jack says.

“Okay, I have some contacts, I need your help. We'll get back to you at the end of the day with news”

“Thank you” Michelle says, Charlie takes one last look at the girl, then he and Jack leave the office.

“What now?” Nunti asks.

“We wait” Kate says.

“How long?”

“Til the end of the day, any time tonight”

“Right” Michelle kneels down at Nunti and analyses her wing. Nunti winces as she touches it.

“Okay” Michelle says and puts some tape on the broken bone. “I'm going to put this tape on, over time it should come together and fix itself, I'll put a restraint around your body so you won't be able to move” Michelle carefully and slowly ties an arm restraint around her body and then her wing keeping it still on her back, she then does the same with the other wing. “Does that feel comfortable?”

“Yeah” Nunti says and feels her wings.

“Let's keep this on for a few days, then we'll have a look to see how they are, okay?”

“Yeah, okay, what will happen now?”

“We'll keep you in here for the rest of the day, you can play on my computer”

“Com... pu... ter?” Michelle glances at her realising she won't understand what it is so doesn't bother explaining.

“Can you read?”


“You can read then” she walks to the book shelf and picks Harry Potter and the Philsophers Stone. “How about this?”

“What is it?” Michelle now know's her world clearly doesn't have the technology they have, and will explain things to her from now on.

“It's a book, about a magical school and some people growing up. There's seven books about them”

“Oh, that sounds interesting”

“Sit in my chair, we have to work, and we'll be back in later to talk to you”

“Okay” Nunti opens the book whilst walking to her seat.

“Here's some water”

“Thank you” Michelle, Jack and Kate leave the room. Nunti gets comfortable in the chair, and starts to read Harry Potter.  

The End

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