Ten minutes later the door opens. Liam and his friend Jack enter the room, Kate glances towards him, she’s met him a few times in a bar where they used to go to after work. He’s small, attractive face, lots of stubble and dark brown hair, he wears his CID badge on his belt, he’s proud to be in the job he’s in.

“Oh my God!” Jack yells.

“Shh!” they whisper.

“Mate, we’re keeping this quiet about this” Liam says grabbing his arm. Jack glances at Liam with his eyes widened in shock.

“What is it?” Liam asks

“It, is a girl, she is an angel from another world, she also came with a message, that in a hundred days we’re all going to die”

“Is this some kind of wind up mate?”

“No, Kate found her in the road last night, this is real as it can get mate”

“It’s like some prank, and a crew with cameras are gonna jump out at any time”

“I wish mate, that’s not happening, this is real, she is real”

“Does she speak?”

“Yes she can talk”

“Hi” Nunti says.

“Why am I here?” Jack asks.

“I need you help, she’s saying she has to get this to David Cameron”

“You think, I can get to David Cameron?”

“I need your help to get to him, talk to your commander, or whatever, someone high above you, please mate, I am begging you here”

“Okay… I need to know this isn’t a joke first, I could get into a lot of trouble for this”

“Jack, this is no joke, this is real, I know we’ve joked on when we were kids, but this is no joke, do those wings look like a joke to you?”

“They look pretty real”

“Exactly. This scenario is real”

“Okay…. Okay…” he sits down in a chair at the side of the room. “I’ll text him”

“Thank you, whose your commander?”

“Charlie Wright, dark grey hair, you’ve met him before, understandable guy, when he sees this he’ll…. Well… yeah he’ll be shocked like the rest of us, but he’ll know what to do”


“Right, that was a quick text back, he’s about to go on patrol, I’m meeting him downstairs, and I need a cigarette”

“Can you smoke when you’re on duty?”

“Let’s pretend I’m not mate, back later”

“Thanks Jack, I really appreciate this”

“No bother” he smiles and leaves the room.

“So…. What’s going to happen?” Nunti asks

“We’re going to try and keep this quiet as possible by talking up to people who work for the government, so, eventually the houses of parliament will find out”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“It’s a meeting place for hearings, they’ll need to know it’s no joke”

“Why would they think it’s a joke?”

“Because… no offence… but we’ve seen creatures like you before and they’ve been a hoax”

“What did you do with them?”

“We.... well they weren’t real, the people who pulled the pranks got arrested. It’s like…. Area 51, it’s a secret place where no one knows what’s kept there. Some people think that there’s aliens there, some people don’t, it’s… weird. I think they do have aliens there, I think there real, with someone like you…. They’d probably kill you”

“But why?”

“Because the world is afraid of exposing people like you, they will kill you eventually, people don’t want to know there going to die in a hundred days, it’ll send the world into panic mode, it’s like an action film”

“Oh… like I said I’m sorry, but my father said I had to tell you people”

“And you said your father is Zeus?”


“You see people will laugh at that and say it’s not real”

“But it is real”

“Yeah, we’ll… we’ll see how it goes”

“Okay” she moves her wings and she grimaces.

“Do you want me to look at your wing?” Michelle asks.

“Yes please” Michelle walks behind her and kneels down, she touches her white feathery wings.

“Where hurts?”

“My right wing, I think I’ve pulled something”

“Can you point to it?”

“About here” she touches the inside of her wing and Michelle moves towards it.

“Just keep still for me” Michelle runs her finger over the place she pointed out.

“Ow” Nunti flinches.

“Ooh, you’ve snapped something, can you move your wing at all?”

“I can move it, but it hurts”

“I can see you need this connecting together, I can put some form of bandage around, it’ll take some time to heal”

“How long?”

“It could be weeks, months”

“I don’t have that long, I said to my father I’d get back as soon as I could”

“Sorry, but you need time to heal”

“Oh” she moves her wing. “Ow”

“I suggest you rest before trying to fly again, you could damage it more, so try not to use it for a while, I’ll look about and do some research”

“Thank you, my father said that you’re very understandable people”

“Ha, some of us are understanding, not everyone is. We need to keep her somewhere”

“She can stay at mine” Kate says. Nunti looks towards Kate.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, there’s no where else for her, here is way to risky. She can look after Max”

“Only if you’re okay with it”

“I am, she’s safe there”


“Who.. is Max?” Nunti asks.

“My cat”

“What’s… a… cat?”

“It’s……. are you kidding?”


“It’s… an animal… he’s not vicious, he’s soft, you’ll like him”

“Oh, okay”

“What about now? Shall we keep her here? Or shall I take her back to mine?”

“Keep her here” Michelle says quickly. “It’s risky taking her out during the day, we’ll leave tonight”

“Okay” the door opens, Jack and a white haired man enters the room, Charlie Wright.

“Oh my” he says gobsmacked.

The End

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