Fifteen minutes later there is a knock on the door, Kate looks through the blinds, see’s Michelle at the door and lets her in. Kate locks the door and Michelle kneels down at the girl.

“Okay, be prepared, she might fight back, she might not react at all, she might be scared, just be prepared, okay you two?” Michelle says.

“Right” they both say. Michelle puts one hand on the girls shoulder to keep her steady and injects the adrenaline into her heart. After she takes the needle away, she backs away from her. The girls fingers twitch, her chest moves, and then she sits up wide eyed and alarmed. The three of them all hold their breathes.

“We come.. in peace” Michelle says, arms in front of her, just in case the girl lashes out

“Where am I?” the girl asks.

“Your in London, in a hospital, you were found in the middle of a road late last night, and now you’re here”

“Oh – ow” the girl moves forward and holds her right wing.

“Are you hurt?”

“Yeah, my wing hurts, i landed in a tree and then on the ground, and now I’m here”

“Where did you come from?”

“Caeli Desuper”

“Where’s that?”

“Oh, the sky, that’s where I live, my father sent me down with a message for the humans, I’m looking for Dav.. id.. Cam.. eron?”

“David Cameron? The prime minister?”

“Yeah, that’s the person I’m looking for, he’s the one I’m supposed to give the message to”

“Okay, I have to let you know you will never meet him”

“Why not?”

“Because he has security around him all the time and you will get into the wrong hands,  they will probably throw you in prison”

“Prison? Why would they do that?”

“Because they have power, if they see those wings they’ll panic and keep you away from the world, you have no chance of getting near him”


“I can help, I have a friend who works in CID, I can try and get him to get the message out, can… can you tell us what the message is?” Liam says.

“I’m not sure, no offence, but I don’t know if I can trust you people”

“We’re Doctors, you can trust us, we won’t tell anyone, part of our job is to keep people’s lives a secret”

“Oh, are you sure?”

“I couldn’t be anymore sure, you have my word”

“Okay, well, my father says that this planet has one hundred days until its expiry date"

“Sorry, what does that mean?”

“It means you have one hundred days until the apocalypse starts”

“What?” they all say flabbergasted, their eyes widen in their sockets and they turn pale in the face.

“I’m sorry, I really am sorry, but you still have time to try and get away. My father say’s that you can go to mars, he doesn’t understand why you haven’t done it before, earth has been around for to long and it will start to fall to pieces and eventually fall into a black abyss. You need to leave as soon as you can” Michelle continues to glare at the girl whilst Kate and Liam stare into each other’s eyes both thinking the same thing, we don’t have much time together. 100 days isn’t enough time for Kate and Liam, they want to spend all eternity together, and apparently eternity is 100 days.

“One hundred days” Michelle says.

“Yes. I am really sorry, this is why I’m here, will you help me get the message out?”

“Yes, we’ll help you, but it will be hard”

“Thank you” Kate turns her glance to the girl. Her angelic blue eyes look so innocent, she feels pity for the girl, so much pity, she wants to hold her in her arms and tell her everything will be okay even though she’s the one who is going to die in one hundred days.

“Right” Liam says snapping back into reality. “’I’ll call Jack” he takes the phone out of his pocket. “Shall I ask him to come down here?”

“Yes, meet him at the bottom and walk him up here” Michelle says.

“Right” Liam leans on the desk. “Hey, Jack, I know you’re at work mate, but could you come down to the hospital?...................... it’s hard to explain over the phone but it’s pretty important…………………………… thanks, I’ll see you at the bottom” Liam hangs up the phone and puts it back into his pocket. “He’ll be ten minutes, I’ll meet him downstairs”

“Okay, we need to come up with a plan”

“Wait til he gets here, he might have some idea what to do”

“Right, it’s all just weird and up in the air”

“I know that… I want to get some air; I’ll be back up with Jack”

“Okay” Liam leaves the room quickly. Michelle and Kate are left together with Nunti now trying to think of what to do. 

The End

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