“Messenger” Liam says after five minutes into the journey.

“What?” Kate says sleepily trying to keep her eyes open.

“Messenger, Nunti… Nuntius… is Latin for messenger”

“Oh, so what does that mean?”

“That she’s a messenger”

“Makes sense, so she’s an angel messenger?”

“Maybe, maybe not, maybe we’re reading it wrong, we’ll get answers when she wakes up”

“Here’s hoping, what if she’s a mute? What if she won’t tell us anything? What if – “

“Kate, we’ll find out answers later, please stop, hold your breath for now” Kate rubs her head and looks out the window.

“Try and stop worrying, I’ll handle things from here, you wont have to worry about another thing Kate, she’s out of your hands” Michelle says.

“Thanks” Kate smiles, feeling hope.

“No problem” they pull into a hospital and into a bay with Michelle’s name on a sign. They get out of the car and walk to the boot, Liam looks around him several times. “Liam, could you look a little less suspicious?”

“Oh yeah, sorry” he says, takes the handles of the bag and takes it out of the car slowly, and then they walk into the building.

“Hello Bob”

“Alright you lot, got a body in that bag Liam?” Bob the janitor asks, an man in his 70’s, white hair and glasses and wears dark grey overalls every day with his name on it.

“Erm – what? No” Liam snaps.

“Ha, I’m only kidding lad, but seriously, you carrying a body?” Liam looks and Bob and blinks, Bob loves to be sarcastic with the Doctor’s there, that’s why everyone loves Bob, and they never take him seriously anymore.

“Of course he is Bob, why else would he be carrying a body bag?” Michelle says.

“Makes sense really, have a nice day”

“You to” Michelle smiles and they walk down the white corridor, they stop where the signs point to the lifts, and Michelle presses the button.

“He nearly gave me a heart attack” Liam says.

“Liam, you’d know if you were having a heart attack, he was making a joke, do you understand the concept of sarcasm?” Michelle asks him.

“Yeah” the lift doors open, they walk in and Michelle presses the button for 10, their floor. “So, does Bob know I’m carrying a body?” Kate slaps her hand to her head and Michelle turns to him”

“No he does not; he was being sarcastic Liam, he thought because you were carrying a body bag you might have had a body in it, he doesn’t know your carrying a body, it is a joke Liam, now we’re going to forget he said it and move on to the next thing, okay?”

“Okay" Michelle glances towards Liam.

“And you’re going out with him?”

“Like you said, forgive and forget” Kate says, the doors open. “Hey look, our floor” Kate walks out first, then Michelle, then Liam. They walk right down the corridor, and then right again at the end, they walk into the first door on the left which is Michelle’s office. They walk in, Michelle closes the blinds on the window and Liam puts the bag down.

“Okay” Michelle kneels down, she opens the bag and looks down on the girl. “Lock the door” Liam quickly obeys the order. She puts her head to her chest and feels her pulse, there is quiet in the room as she does this. “Right, we need to wake her up, we need an adrenaline to her heart, it should wake her up instantly, I’ll go and get a needle, you two stay and watch her, if anything happens, call me" 

“Okay” Liam and Kate say, Michelle leaves the room and they both watch the girl’s body on the ground. 

The End

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