Twenty minutes later Michelle walks into the flat with a body bag.

“Hey” she says and throws some bacon sandwiches towards Kate and Liam.

“Thanks” they say. They both walk over to the girl.

“Wait” Michelle puts an arm out and carefully puts the girl on her back, her arm flops, and they see something written on her arm, the word Nunti.

“Nunti” Kate says

“That’s Latin” Liam says

“For what?”

“I’m not sure, but its Latin, I’ll look up on that later”

“Right” Michelle carefully and slowly puts her head to the girl’s chest.

“There’s a heartbeat, light pulse, she’s alive, help me get her in the bag” Kate stops and looks down at the girl, she couldn’t see her properly last night in the dark, but now she can see her properly. She looks about 20, she has short brown hair, some freckles on the face and a button nose. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” Kate says. “I just hadn’t seen her properly last night”

“Oh right, get her legs” Michelle takes her upper half, Liam and Kate take her legs and they place her carefully into the bag, Michelle then zips the bag up.

“I’ve just thought, did anyone question you about getting the bag?”

“No one questions me” Kate and Liam look at each other.


“Liam, carry her”

“Why me?” he asks

“You’re a man, carry it like a sports bag”

“I throw mine over my shoulder”

“Well your not throwing this one over your shoulder carry it carefully, but not to carefully, like your carrying eggs and milk”

“Right, I can do that”

“Good” Liam takes the handles and picks the bag up “Okay, lets go” Liam and Michelle move

“Wait – I need to feed Max” Kate says

“Babe, I sorted that, Max is fine” Kate looks over and sees Max rolling around on the floor with a ball of yarn, it makes them all smile “See? He’s entertained for the day”

“Okay” they leave the flat, and Kate locks the door”

“I’m driving both of you” Michelle says and opens her silve Audi RS7.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah its fine”

“Hello Kate” someone says from behind, Kate turns around and sees her neighbour from above her, Mary Evans, a lovely 80 year old, happily married with her husband Bob.

“Mary, hi”

“You came in late last night”

“I did, it’s work, I’ve got a lot on at the minute”

“Work? Ha I haven’t worked in more than twenty years love, I’ll tell you now, retirement is bliss. And ey, me and Bob are going to Tenerife next week”

“Haha, really?”

“Yeah, going for two weeks, can’t wait, I’ll see you later love”

“Bye now” Mary disappears up the stairs.

“How old is she?” Michelle asks


“Bloody hell, she’s got some guts”

“Yeah” she opens the boot and Liam places the bag carefully down. Liam gets into the back of the car and Kate takes the passenger seat.

“You can eat now”

“Thanks” Kate opens the packet and indulges into the bacon sandwich.


The End

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