Six am. Kate sits up frightened. The girl, what if she’s ran away? I hope to God she’s still here. She looks over at Max who is sound asleep. She slowly and quietly gets out of bed and walks towards the door, she pushes it open some more and looks around.

“Phew” she says sighs. Thank God for that. She walks into the bathroom, and puts the water on for a shower.

Half an hour later Kate emerges from the bathroom ready for work. She looks at the clock. 6.42. So its early, I don’t care, maybe I should give it 20 minutes to call Liam, I don’t want to wake him up, I best be quiet, I don’t want to wake the girl either, God knows what’ll happen If I do wake her. She walks into the kitchen wanting to make breakfast, and will make something that doesn’t make a sound. But the kettle will make a sound, the microwave will ping when it’s finished and the toaster will click when it’s finished. Orange juice it is then, the fridge doesn’t make a sound. She gets a glass out of a cupboard and the juice out of the fridge, she pours it into the glass, and downs it. She puts the glass into the sink carefully, and downs the rest of the juice. I’ll do what I want in my own flat, only Max can judge me.

She walks into her room, into the bathroom, and then closes the door behind her; she takes her phone out of her pocket and calls Liam. She’s desperate to do something, and now.

“Hey Kate” he says happily.

“Liam, hi, what are you doing?” Kate asks eagerly.

“Just got ready, heading into work soon”

“Great, could you come by mine please?”

“Sure, I’ll be two minutes, what’s up?”

“………… I’ll tell you when you get here”

“Okay, see you in a bit”

“Bye” Liam lived two buildings to the right and on the ground floor, she knew if and when they wanted to move out they’d move into his place, it was much bigger and had two floors, she preferred it to her own, she lived in the small part. She leaves the bathroom and the bedroom and looks upon the girl, still sound asleep. She feels like she’s doing the right thing now, if she called the police last night they would have injected different things into her and maybe even killed her, she might have something to say, the police wouldn’t listen to her, when she wakes up, we’ll listen to what she has to say.

A knock on the door, Kate moves hurriedly and silently towards the front door, she opens it and pulls Liam in and shuts the door

“Oh my God!” he yells

“Shhh!” Kate says

“Kate, what is that?”

“I don’t know Liam, last night, she was in the road, I slammed my brakes and she was just lying there, I brought her back here”

“I see that, have you called the police?”

“No, and I’m not doing that”

“Why not?”

“They’ll do things to her Liam, they’ll brand her a freak and other things, bad bad bad things will happen, they won’t listen or anything, I think we should take her into work”


“Liam, I can’t do this by myself, I need you, I love you, I think your drop dead gorgeous, we’ve had 25 dates together, I want to maybe marry you and have kids some day I want – “

“Okay, okay” Liam takes her and holds her into his arms. “I’ll help you”

“Thank you” she breaks away and looks into his eyes. His gorgeous blue angelic eyes, his black hair looks a little scruffy this morning and he hasn’t had a shave, but Kate doesn’t care, and clearly Liam didn’t either, she puts a hand to his face. “I love your stubble”

“I like that you like my stubble”

“You’re gorgeous”

“Kate, now’s not a good time when you have some weird… angel like thing on your sofa” she looks over to the girl.


“I’ll call Michelle…”

“No, I will, I’m the one who nearly ran her over last night, I should call her”

“Okay, want some coffee?”

“I’m not making any sound that’s going to wake her up”

“Kate, we’re talking, and she looks out for the count, she doesn’t look like she’s going to wake up any time soon”


“I’ll put the coffee on, you call Michelle” Kate jumps when she sees Max walking out the bedroom. “Hey Max” Liam smiles, kneels and scratches Max’s ears. “This little guy need feeding?”

“Yeah I’ll – “

“Kate, I’ll do it, you go call Michelle”

“I love you”

“I love you to babe” babe, he’s never called me that before, this man is a KEEPER, he’s definitely the one for me. She walks into the bedroom and presses the call button next to Michelle’s name and then puts the phone next to her ear.

“Hey Kate” Michelle says.

“Hi Michelle………….. what are you up to?”

“Having breakfast, what’s up?”

“Can you come to mine?”

“Why? You’ve never asked me to do that in the past six years Kate”

“This is a pretty big thing I don’t want to say over the phone, can I tell you when you get here?”

“Sure, I’ll be five minutes”

“Thanks” Kate hangs up the phone. Michelle Carson also lived near by, 3 buildings to the right and on the bottom floor, it is a large flat, she lives there with her husband Gary. She is a happily married woman with two children, Lucy and Darren. Both 18 and starting university at Cambridge and both studying science. She is a proud mother and knows her children will get very far in life. Kate leaves the room and walks over to Liam, Max is on the kitchen bench eating breakfast, she rubs his ears and picks her coffee up. “Thanks, she’ll be here soon”

“Good, she’ll know what to do, she always has an answer for everything” Liam says and puts an arm around her. She puts the mug down and wraps her arms around his middle. “We’ll get through it, Michelle will handle it and she’ll be gone”

“Yeah, but where? I know I said it before but if the police get their hands on her she’ll be in the public eye, and everyone will get scared”

“I know what you mean, but like I said, Michelle will handle it, she’s a woman of steel”

“She’s that alright” Kate backs off and drinks her coffee, then she hears a knock at the door, she puts the mug down, walks over and opens the door.

“Hey” Michelle says

“Hi” Kate lets her in the room. Everyone in the office said Kate looked like a younger version of Michelle, Michelle also has blonde hair and blue eyes, she has a sharp nose and some wrinkles on her face showing her age. She moves around Kate and fixates her glance on the girl.


“Michelle…. I can explain”

“Please do” Michelle continues to stare at the girl.

“Last night on my way back home she was in the road, I got out and saw her wings, I knew if I called the police they’d do things to her and kill her, I had to bring her back here Michelle, I hope you understand why she’s here”

“I do understand, you did the right thing Kate. I’m going through to work, I’m going to get a human sized body bag, I’m coming back here, we take her to work and put her in my office. We are the only three people that know about this, no one else, you got that?”

“I knew you’d say something like that”

“Good, I’ll be back in twenty, I’ll bring bacon sandwiches on the way back, you two look hungry”

“No problem, looks like your having another long day Kate”


“See you’s”

“Bye” they both say and she leaves.

“We should sit down” Liam says walking over with their coffees, Kate sits down and they both sit in silence. 

The End

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