She pulls up to the garage next to her flat. Thank God I live on the bottom floor. It’s ten past midnight, no one will be awake, I know that for sure. She gets out the car and walks to the boot, no, I’ll open the front door first, she stops, walks to the front door and unlocks it. She walks back around to the boot and opens it. This will be simple and quick. She quickly grabs her from under her arms, drags her out, and quickly runs backwards into the flat, she runs to the boot, shuts it, locks the car and moves into the flat, she locks the door and then sits on the ground near the body.

“Phew” she says to herself. A black figure appears in her sight running towards her, Max. “Oh Max” all attention now is diverted towards the cat. She picks him up and walks into the kitchen area. “I’m so so so sorry” she scratches his ears and rubs his ears; she puts him down onto the kitchen bench and opens a cupboard above. His innocent, cute, green eyes watch her every move. She takes some tins of tuna out, three of them; she pulls the top of each and puts them towards Max. His attention is now diverted towards the tuna.

“Baby, I’m so sorry” she says, she walks to his bowl, picks it up, rinses it out, lets the tap run, and puts some cold water into it. She walks back over to Max and puts it in front of him. Looking back over towards the girl, she thinks of what to do. Maybe I should just leave her and go to bed, but what if she wakes up? What if she’s dead? I’m too tired right now to think. A normal person would have rung the police and would have left it, but I’m not normal. They’d brand her a freak and probably have her locked away, I can’t let that happen. I’ll sleep on it.

“I’m going to bed, I’ll leave my door open for you little guy” she walks over to her bedroom. I can’t just leave her. She turns back to the girl, walks over, grabs her under arms, for the third time now, drags her over to a sofa, and puts her back on and then her legs. She takes a throw from the other sofa and puts it over her as a blanket. She looks over at Max, and then over to her bedroom, she walks in and then quickly gets ready for bed.

As soon as her head hits the pillow she has so many questions and thoughts running through her mind. What am I going to do in the morning? Should I actually call the police? Or take her to work with me. That could work; Liam and the others can keep this in the dark. Maybe that’s the answer, work. I do work in a hospital. Now she was happier knowing she would get help in the morning, Nathan would never say no to her, she’ll call him first thing.

About an hour later she felt Max jump beside her, she leaned over to him, scratched his ear, and fell asleep almost quickly into a deep sleep. 

The End

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