When Doctor Kate Callaghan finds a human body with angel wings in the middle of the road when she's driving home late at night, she takes the girl into her work where she carries out tests on her and waits until she wakes up. When the girl does wake up she says she has a message she must get out to the military, after no one listens to her she runs away where she embarks on an adventure into different worlds. Will she get anyone to listen to her? Or will the military keep her quiet from the worl

Midnight. The full moon glistens in the black sky. Stars glimmer, the treacherous wind shrieks and owls are calling in the distance. Driving a silver B-Class Mercedes, Doctor Kate Callaghan is struggling to keep her eyes open. Another fourteen hour shift in the office.

Kate is a woman of 36 who is single, lives in a flat with her black cat called Max and is married to her job. She is a doctor of medicine and psychology who looks after autistic patients in the company she works for, HMC, a Hospital for Medical Conditions.  Kate has worked in the autistic centre for six years now and is comfortable in the position she is in. She always knew she wanted to become a Doctor of Science. At the age of 18 she went to the University of Cambridge to study medicine for three years. After she graduated she saw a job at HMC for nurses to work with Alzheimer’s patients. She knew this would be the first step in her career and applied for it, three hours after applying for it she was called in for an interview the next day. The manager of the centre, Christopher Larkin, was impressed with Kate’s CV and took her on straight away.

After working three years in the Alzheimer’s unit Kate thought it was time to explore the field, she talked to Christopher about moving into a different area, and he told her the schizophrenia unit were looking for nurses. So, she talked to the manager Kyle Walker, who was very happy to take her on. Three years later she wanted to move on again, so again she talked to her manager and this time there was a position for a doctor in the bipolar unit. She worked two years in this area, she thought she didn’t fit there well at all and decided that she wanted to move on at the age of 30. She talked to her manager who told her there was a managerial position in the Autistic Centre, and was accepted for the job straight away. Kate found she fit into this role perfectly; she got along very well with all of her colleagues and grew relationships with her patients. She had never felt this comfortable in a long time, she didn’t want to leave this area, and she knew it was perfect for her.

Kate found being single at 36 was quite daunting, but it never really bothered her. She found one of her colleagues, Liam Kennedy, very attractive, and rumour had it around the office that he liked her to. They went on a few dates together and they hit it off quite well. The rumour going around the office now was that he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. Kate likes the idea, but at 36 she’d rather be married and be trying for a baby. If she didn’t do it all now, she would find it all too late. But today she heard a new rumour; he was going to ask to marry her. Just silly rumours, she keeps thinking to herself, but if he did ask me to marry him, I’d say yes she thinks. Everyone in the office always says they act like married couple and are always smiling around one another. So she’d be prepared to say yes if and when the time comes. She hopes it will be soon. Then that would put all the stupid rumours under the carpet.

They had arranged to go out Friday night to go to an Indian restaurant that was opening near the hospital, Raaj. They both loved Indian food, it’s their favourite meal. She’d rather get it as a takeaway and watch a film together, but the thought of a new place opening in town excited her and she wants to see it, and is looking forward to their 25th date.

Today was a successful day for Kate. She was working with Billy Smith, an 8 year old patient of hers, and found that he can play the piano. She was astounded that he could read the sheets of music she had given him. In about half an hour he had learnt and mastered Beethoven’s “Für Elise” and “Moonlight Sonata.” Everyone’s breath in the room was taken away in an instant and there wasn’t a dry eye. She was surprised to see his father, Paul, shed a few tears. His parents Paul and Sharon were gob smacked and over the moon that their son has this extraordinary talent. Kate had never seen Billy this happy before, he couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the time he was there. His parents let him have whatever he wanted for his tea, so Billy had chosen and McDonalds. He would get eleven chicken nuggets, chips, coke and a dairy milk mcflurry. Kate stayed in her office until half 11 tonight thinking of new things to do with Billy. Tomorrow she would get out the drum kit for him to try. Right now Kate was happy for Billy and was glad she pulled out the piano. Now she’s looking forward for a quick shower when she returns to her flat and then straight to bed.

“Damnit” she says to herself. She forgot to feed Max. That’s the first thing I’ll do when I get back, she thinks, I’ll get some tuna out for him, three tins, it’ll keep him fed for tomorrow. She loved her cat Max. She got him as a Christmas present last year. He’s a happy healthy flat cat, that’s what she says to everyone. She knows he’ll come running to her when she gets back, and she’ll let him sleep in the bed tonight after feeling bad for forgetting to put food out.

Only five minutes away from home now. Driving down a country road she’s still struggling to keep her eyes open. Maybe I’ll skip the shower and have one in the morning, yeah, I’m too tired for a shower. Opening her eyes she sees something in the road, that’s strange, she thinks. She closes her eyes for a second, and then sees something in the road again, she slams her brakes quickly as she thought she was going to hit it.

“Oh my God” she says, she can feel her heart racing and her blood rushing to her head. She looks around outside and feels that if she gets out the car, whatever this thing is might jump her. She leans over to the passenger side, opens the glove compartment, pulls out a torch, and opens the car door. With her hand shaking she slowly walks around the side of the car. She points the torch to the ground; the first thing she sees is massive white wings that are attached to a human body.

“Wow” she says and feels her eyes widening in her sockets, her heart races faster and she can really feel the blood racing to her head now. She kneels down towards the body and shines the torch towards the head. If she wakes up, I won’t know what to do. She sees a stick nearby, picks it up, and prods her ribcage. Nothing, no movement, she is afraid to get any closer to her. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and presses the number 9.

No, if I call the police the public will find out, only bad things will happen, I must keep her to myself for now. Without another word or thought, she grabs her underarms, and drags her around the back of her car to the boot, she opens it, puts her back into the car, and then her legs, then shuts the door. She runs to the driver’s side and shuts the door; she starts up the car and heads off home.

“Well this is screwed up” she says to herself.







The End

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