Luca: Rumor MillMature

I didn't like all this secret shit. I wanted to know what the fuck was going on. The second something was being kept secret, people were gonna want to know. Lou wanted to know. Once she'd gossiped with the other girls in the house they all wanted to know, too. Once they'd all finally agreed I wasn't just hallucinating. I just kinda sat there and glared at the backs of their heads. I knew it hadn't been easy when I'd first got here, but I was over that now.

Anyway, once they'd been convinced I wasn't lying or going insane again, it was the new big thing to talk about. I let all insults go that day, knowing I'd done my part in getting the truth out of Adam and his puppets. For now, anyway.

It didn't take very long for that rumor to get around. It was spread quietly, like a whisper that rippled through the whole camp. It felt like the quiet before the storm.

No one really knew what to do about the rumor. It went round in circles, getting all twisted up. Some people were saying that Adam had a pet zombie in his house after a couple weeks, others that they'd found something important on one of their trips. Of course, there were some that outright denied that anything was going on. I guess that was the resistance we had - people that either belonged to Adam or believed so much in him after all the crap they'd been through.

I hadn't seen much of this for myself. Not til I decided I wanted to try going for a walk. On my own.

There was this guy I'd seen around a few times, but I'd never really had a reason to speak to him. We both just kinda knew each other as trouble makers and kept our distance. I guess my distance was mostly due to the fact that Adam was at least smart enough to have us doing jobs that never meant we had to see each other, but this night I'd decided to go for a walk was different.

It had been raining. By the time I'd reached the gates, my feet were soaked. My ankle was aching dully, quietly grumbling at me about being abused again. I stopped for a break, looking around at the silent streets.

I watched my breath mist for a moment, breathing sorta hard against the pain making itself more and more known. I gritted my teeth. I'd genuinely thought it was healed enough to walk on again.

When I saw a figure walking towards me, I thought for a moment that maybe Joe was just out to fucking get me. But the closer he got, I saw it wasn't Joe at all. This guy was shorter and more muscled than Joe.

"I heard you've been saying shit about this town," he spat at me. I looked up, standing straight on my good leg.

"Yeah?" I challenged him.

He stopped short of pressing his body right up against mine. I didn't move. "No one likes you bein' here, stirring shit up. Get the fuck out of here."

"Or what?" I snorted with laughter. "You can back the fuck off," I told him, pushing my hand up under his chin. His head fell back for me and I shoved him as hard as I could away from me.

"Or I'll lose my temper," he growled threateningly. I laughed again and jabbed him in the stomach with the end of one of my crutches.

"Ain't you never seen me lose my temper?" I asked, wondering how long it would take for me to beat him unconscious with just one crutch.

"Yeah, and I think I'll enjoy taking you down a few pegs." With that, he grabbed the end of the crutch I was swinging at his face and yanked on it. With only one leg good enough to stop the fall, I just braced myself. Rain water splashed up my nose and into my mouth, my head cracking on the road at the bottom of the puddle.

I rolled with the momentum and landed a square punch on his jaw. He took it with ease, taking it instead, as an opportunity to pin me to the ground with one hand pressing down on the middle of my chest.

The End

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