Luca: Outside the Wall IIIMature

“Look what we have here.” Will. Of course it was. “We found the poor cunt you left stranded in the middle of a street of runners. He’s splattered halfway across the town.”

“But you still looked for me alone,” I stood up straight. I was, by this point, half naked, with a knife in both hands, covered in blood and surrounded by bodies I’d shredded myself. If I was anyone else, I would not have come to deal with this alone. Which meant it was personal.

“You just need dealing with. I’m not the only one that sees the solution I see. I’m sure even you see it, Cancer.” He lifted a sniper rifle. The red dot danced about over my heart. “How can people like you live when my family had to die?” He was screaming the words at me and the zombies upstairs were starting to follow his voice. I looked up at the ceiling. “Don’t fucking ignore me when I’m talking to you!”

My concern in what was coming from above us was my mistake; he knocked the knives from my hands and threw me to the floor. I slid in the blood and guts across the shop, coming to a stop in a wall of stinking zombie bodies. One of the ones balanced on the top of the pile started to tip.

I rolled with it away from Will, using it as a shield from the shot he aimed at my head. The chest of the zombie exploded over me. The guy had raided some serious weaponry, and I was out gunned in a way I’d never been before.

Learn and adapt, right? Or try, at least.

“Fuck you, then.” I spat, throwing what was left of the zombie at him. It staggered him long enough that I got a head start out of the door and down the road, sprinting like a motherfucker. I’m guessing the adrenaline is how he caught up to me. I don’t remember anything after he sent me flying face first into the asphalt.


When I woke up, we were still outside the wall. I was on the floor of an abandoned house, a breeze catching my blood stiff hair, breathing the promise of spring in my eyes. I could hear voices around me. Anger boiled in me. Whether they were on Will’s side or rescued me from a hoard of zombies, it didn’t matter. They had seen me unable to defend myself and now I was going to look weak in front of them all no matter what I did. Unless I could still win.

I pushed myself up off the floor, ignoring the way I was staggering, baring my teeth against the pain in my head.

“Woah there, take it easy,” something sharp connected the back of my legs as the voice melted into my brain. The floor came rushing up to crash into my knees and I was back down.

A fistful of my hair tugged my head back and my eyes opened again to see Will standing over me, grinning. He spat in my face before yanking my head up into his crotch, laughing so loudly my ears were ringing.

“C’mon, you looked like you were dying to get laid earlier, what’s the big deal?” his voice boomed over me and the others laughed as I put my hands on his legs to shove him away. “My girl loves it rough like this. Don’t you too?” I wasn’t getting anywhere any time soon, but there was plenty to work with down there too. I’ve never fought fair before and I wasn’t gonna start on my knees with my head in a guy’s crotch.

I swallowed the bile back down at what I was about to do and probably my pride with it; I yanked his pants down and stuck my hand in his boxers, grabbing at what little there was to grab at. I dug in my nails and squeezed hard, pulling down on them as hard as I could.

He howled, this horrible, animal noise as he collapsed, rolling off my back. I grabbed his gun as he fell and… well, what can I say? No one puts me on my knees. All eyes went from what was left of Will’s skull to me and the room went deathly silent. I reclaimed my knives from his pocket and unscrewed the silencer on the gun I was holding. I chucked it at the head of the girl I’d seen laughing the hardest at me. It landed with a dull thud and barely a squeak of pain came from her. I was so angry I was beyond words. No one had ever done that to me before, and I had no idea how to react.

And then suddenly a red tidal wave came back in for the after shock.

“Is it fucking funny now?” I screamed, shoving the gun in everyone’s faces. I could smell fear and blood and more than anything, they were urging me onwards. My sanity felt like a distant dream. “Is it funny now, you cunt?” I screamed in the face of the girl I’d thrown the silencer at. She shook her head shrinking away from me. I grabbed her by the hair the way Will had grabbed mine and forced her to her knees. “ISN’T THIS FUCKING FUNNY? WHY ARE NONE OF YOU CUNTS LAUGHING NOW?” I screamed, the gun against the girl’s temple.

The bang was deafening after months of using silencers. I held her up like a ragdoll with her hair, her body swaying sickly as I looked around the room. I dropped her on top of Will and shot them both a few more times, making as much noise as I could. I hoped there were enough zombies round here to deal with the rest of them for me, because I couldn’t stay there any longer.

I walked for so long it was dark by the time I’d made it back to the gates. My face had swollen and bruised enough that I probably looked like a zombie to the guys on the gates anyway.

“Let me the fuck back in,” I shouted as I got closer, hammering my fists against the gates of scrap metal that were standing between me and my girls. I hated the place but they were still inside it, and I needed to be with them – I wasn’t calming down any time soon without them. “LET ME IN!”

The End

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