Luca: Outside the Wall IIMature

For the first time in what felt like an age, the next morning started well. It did for me anyway. Eloise showed me just how much she’d forgiven me again, Alicia grinned at the sight of me and Lou getting on again and went to school without a fuss. Maybe Sonia hadn’t been wrong when she’d told me half the tension in the house was caused by us arguing; everyone had gone off to work looking at least half happy.

Even I was half happy.

Well, I was ‘til I saw who was on patrol where I was working that morning. Fucking Will.

“And at last, our very own Mr. Morgan, late as usual.”

“Fuck off,” I grunted, not even looking over at him.

“Whatever. Try to resist those caveman urges of yours and get to work.”

Work that morning was clearing the perimeter of zombie bodies that were shot in the night. The smell was awful if they got left there to rot and people started kicking off about it, so guess what? It got added to the list of jobs for people in trouble. We dragged them to the other side of the river and burned them there, away from the town.

I was bending over to grab the arm stumps of a rotting corpse, less than a few fucking minutes later, when he decided to come and wind me up some more. I could feel his breath on my neck before he even said anything.

“Back the fuck off,” I warned, looking at his figure crouched beside me. He stuck a gloved finger in the ooze seeping from the corpse’s ear and flicked it into my face. My eyes and mouth clamped shut – one of the reflexes you learn quickest fighting hand to hand with these motherfuckers – but fuck me was I mad. To be honest, all he’d had to do to wind me up was just exist. This was rubbing salt in the wound.

Thinking of Lou and Alicia, I did my best to get my temper back under control before opening my eyes.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to retaliate. I wiped the pus of my face and calmly as could fucking be, and smeared it all across his face, taking special care in getting it over his lips.

He reeled back, and I’m not gonna lie, the urge to just slam his head down into the belly of the body between us was pretty strong, but honestly, I wanted Lou to stay in a good mood with me more than I wanted to beat Will to a bloody pulp.

I watched him stumble off to clean his face and probably pray he didn’t get any in his mouth for a moment before being satisfied he might actually leave me alone for once.

I was determined this was gonna be a good day for me.






My most recent punishment job came quicker than expected. With me and Lou being in a semi permanent daze of post-fuck happiness, I was actually being productive for once, and got most of my work done in the space of two days instead of four. Adam was impressed that I’d actually worked to the end of my list for the first time since I’d been here, and if the way Lou was treating me after lights out was anything to go by, she was impressed too. Even Alicia’s smiles had a bit more sparkle behind them. Everything was looking up til I was reminded I was working with Will again.

“Fuck Will, man,” I had started pacing, trying to work off my anger before I saw him. Lou was sat on the end of the bed, wrapped in one of those silk dressing gowns women used to pay half a month’s wages for to try and entice their uninterested husbands. Difference was it looked hot on Lou, and we hadn’t been able to find the panties and bra that went with it when we found the panties and bra store.

She uncrossed her legs, deliberately letting the gown fall open. I didn’t even fucking glance down.

“How can one guy get you so wound up?”

“You don’t understand, Lou, even you would wanna put a bullet in his face,” I yelled, clenching my fists. I wasn’t even sure whether I was more angry at him or me – I was angry at him for making me this mad, and angry at me for letting him get to me. But then I was just angry at him again because he was the one getting me mad. She stood up and in my way. Her hands slapped down on my shoulders, and even though there’s nearly a foot in height difference, I stopped.

“You’ll be fine, Luca,” she hesitated. Even I could never tell if using my real name would make me flip out; everything in the room seemed to just slow down for a minute.

“Eloise,” I groaned, stretching out every chunk of her name like a grumpy child.

“Luca,” she did it back to me, making my screw up my face at the sound of that name.

“Why do you have to call me that?”

“Because it suits you. I like it,” she told me, one hand on my chest. That hand started to trail downwards, slowly making its way to the button on my pants, while her lips made their way up my neck, stretching up on her toes to reach.

“It’s a horrible name a horrible woman gave to me,” I grumbled, my brain far too willing to be distracted from the angry fire that had started to die down already.

“I think,” kiss, “that,” kiss, “you should,” kiss, “get,” longer kiss, “ready for work.” She pulled back, smiling teasingly.

“That’s just not fair,” I was really hoping she was joking.

“I’ll make it more than worth your while when you come back home,” she smirked, running her palm along the length of my cock through my pants.

“Now, how am I supposed to hide this beast while I’m at work?” I smirked back, confident I’d win, “they won’t mind if I’m a little bit late to the last job, and I promise I’ll still be able to celebrate tonight as well.” She shook her head.

“I’d love to, Cancer, but I’ve got a job to go to as well,” she kissed my neck again. That really wasn’t helping the situation at all. “Trust me,” she whispered in my ear, “I’m just as horny as you are.”

I wrapped my arms around her, bringing both my hands down on her ass with a loud slap, “you better stay that way,” I told her, my voice going almost gravelly. I felt her smile against my shoulder.

“Off to work with you,” she grinned, enjoying being able to wind me up for once without me exploding at her. And it had stopped me thinking about ripping Will’s head off for a bit.

That thought started coming back, I gotta admit, while I was walking to Adam’s office for the morning bullshit about punishment jobs, rules, blah, blah. All I was interested in was the fact that for expansion jobs, I got my knives back and a gun. An armed job with Will? This really was gonna be a job to remember.

Will clocked my boner straight away. When I say Eloise knows how to push all my buttons, I really mean it. And she’d pushed most of them before telling me to get ready for work. That boner wasn’t going away any time soon, and I’d decided I didn’t give a fuck who saw it. Who can blame a guy when we could die any day?

When we were told to pair up, I grabbed whoever was nearest to me, and ditched them the second we were out of Anthony’s sight.

This was my chance to work out every frustration I had on targets no one would yell at me for killing.

It was a good couple hours total carnage before someone found me again.

I’d heard them coming long before they got inside the shop I was standing in the middle of. This building was crawling with them and I was loving every second of it. I was a primal beast stood in the middle of the ring, winning round after round, every fucking kill piled up around me. I crouched, facing the door, ready for my next attacker.

Only to be faced with a guy in army gear walking properly. I narrowed my eyes, waiting to see what would happen. 

The End

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