Joe: New beginningsMature

The sequel to NaNo Zombies.
The previous story saw Joe and Luca, unlikely allies, thrown together as a deadly virus turned the majority of the human population into flesh eating corpses.
A friendship has formed and things are beginning to look up for both of them as they discover a sanctuary in Riverton, Wyoming. Reunited with familiar faces, will their small band of survivors live long enough to see the world face the aftermath of the apocalypse?

Four months. That is precisely how long it has been.

It is how many months we have spent not having to run. It is how many months we have spent feeling relatively secure. However, it is not how many months we have spent relaxed and it is certainly not how many months we have spent happy. Although coming to the enclosed city of Riverton in Wyoming meant that we could spend time integrating ourselves back into some form of society, the threat of death and the grief we faced still remained with us, resting heavy on our weary shoulders.

‘You look tired,’ Robby noted. I glanced at her and tried to smile. During the time that I had been here, we had grown closer and I was beginning to feel like maybe I would, one day, have a chance at happiness again with her in my life but even she couldn’t stop the nightmares. They came frequently.

Every single night I was plagued with flashbacks and reminders of all that we had endured and all that we had lost.

‘Just can’t sleep, that’s all,’ I replied. Robby understood what I was feeling. There wasn’t a single person in this camp who didn’t understand what I was feeling; we were all going through the same thing. A few days after our initial arrival, I had been reunited with the girl who had helped us back in Atlanta. She had been in a camp led by the military with her sister, Riley. It wasn’t until after we left that the camp disintegrated and everyone was forced back on the road as the dead broke down the walls. The lucky ones were killed quickly. Unfortunately, this didn’t include Riley.

Robby had told me that her sister was bitten during the chaos. She took a few days to turn, every moment she spent alive, she spent it in agony. Robby had wanted to put her sister out of her misery on more than one occasion but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Seventy two hours later and Riley was no longer the girl that Robby had grown up with and idolized. She was something entirely, an abomination.

Robby was all alone in this world and I understood completely how she felt.

‘We’re safe,’ Robby said. ‘No matter what we felt before, we’re safe here.’

I disagreed completely with her, but I didn’t say so. Call it naïve hope, but I wanted to believe her, I was sick of running and surviving, maybe this was our chance at creating a sanctuary? It had been four months and there had been no incidents, nothing had broken through the seemingly impenetrable wall that surrounded us all.

I must have looked doubtful because Robby took my hand in hers and spoke very softly. ‘Joe, I know it’s been rough. It’s been rough for all of us, but I promise you, it’s over now. Things are going to turn around, you’ll see.’


The End

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