Chapter 2.2Mature

The wolf crawled inside carefully, stood back on its hind legs and shook violently. Dave stared with wide eyes, mortified as it grew taller. Its hair receded and its nose shortened.

“Shit, he got away,” he said.
“But-wait-no-what?” Dave stuttered.
“Why are you staring? Haven’t you ever seen a transformation before? And would you mind closing the curtains. I can’t stay in human form with the full moon glaring at me like that.”

Dave obeyed immediately.

“You know you’re naked.” Olivia spoke next.
“Is that troubling you, m’lady?” she suddenly recognised him. He was the boy from the party.

“You. You were at the party. Is that why you ran away?”

He bowed low. “The name’s Gabriel. Gabe will do if you’re lazy. Do you have a coat or dressing gown or something? It’s a bit chilly.”


Gabriel refused to leave David’s house that night. Not that they wanted him to. They spent the evening interrogating him about the shadow creature and the wolf thing – or trying to. He refused to answer anything about it, insisting that if he didn’t, they’d forget all about in the morning. Just when they’d resigned to not knowing, a howl pierced the hush on the house.

Gabriel quickly sat up, alert. Another howl came.

“Crap. You’d better come with me. I’m going to go outside, get on my back.”

He stood and ran out to the back garden, flying into wolf form as he leapt out of the door. Helena and Olivia ran after him, Dave hung back a little bit.

The End

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