Chapter 2.1Mature

The streetlights buzzed and flickered as they walked by. Stuart had started kicking people about at ten-thirty, claiming that the neighbours would be angry if he didn’t turn the noise down. At eleven-o’clock, Olivia, Helena and David were among the first to leave. It took a lot to drag Helena out of the door, but they managed it.

“That’s weird. Why would he do that?” Dave thought aloud, once Olivia had told them about her encounter.
“I don’t know. It was like he was scared.” Olivia reflected.
“Never mind that, let’s just get home and start the movie marathon.” Helena walked away quickly, leaving the others to try and catch up.

David’s house was cold and dark. His parents were away for the weekend so he had full run of the house. The plan was to watch movies until they’d run out of sweets. Nestling down into the sofa, surrounded my blankets and sweets, the opening music to American Dead started playing when the sound of shattering glass flooded the house.

Dave swore loudly and jumped up. Muttering something like ‘Damned cats, parents will kill me.’ Helena and Olivia looked at each other before running out of the room after him.

In the conservatory, halfway in through the smashed window was a huge canine figure. Bigger than any dog that the three had ever seen, it would have towered over even Grandma Flockton’s St Bernard. He seemed to be struggling with something. Olivia focussed harder on what it was; a black shadow, pinned under the mighty paws. It had long teeth and pin-point red eyes. That was all she could see before her eyes got tired and Helena fainted onto her.

The wolf looked up then, realising it had spectators. This moment of distraction allowed the shadow creature to slide out from under it and disappear into the shadows on the night. 

The End

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