Chapter 1.3Mature

“Want to go outside? It’s so stuffy in here.” He asked, sniffing the air disgustedly.

Olivia glanced out of the door at the living room and saw Helena sidling up to one of Stuart’s brother. Yeah, she’s okay, she thought, and quickly agreed.

The air had gone chilly outside, and the little garden lamps cast a yellow glow on the lawn and trees. Stuart’s family were on the well-off side, meaning they lived on the only street in Abingdon with pools in the back garden. The stars weren’t often visible in this part of town; too many streetlights drowned them out.

A yellow glow appeared over the tops of the houses. The boy stared at the rising moon like a student who’d just remembered they had a test next period.  Without even turning back to look at Olivia, he whispered
“Sorry, I have to go,” and leapt over the fence, leaving her alone in the garden.

The End

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