Chapter 1.2Mature

She’d much rather be curled up at home with her laptop, but she came for the sake of her friends. Maybe she’d go and dance later.

As long as she could remember, Helena had been pretty and popular. Tall, curvy; all the guys liked her. Yet in all that time, she hadn’t had a proper relationship. Come to think of it, here the three of them were, sixteen with nothing more than a kiss or two to their names. She supposed that was probably good. Some of their peers could say a lot more for themselves.

Helena had always liked dancing too. She was the best at ballet in their Year Two class, and she learnt Tap and Modern, Jazz, and Hip Hop in Year Five. By the end of Year Seven she’d quit it all, but still liked to wiggle a little every time she heard some music.

“M’lady,” a voice from behind snapped her out of her reverie, “Mind if I sit by you?”

Olivia turned to see a tall boy with a mop of curly blond hair. He wore a yellow shirt with a black strip across the middle, black trousers and a headband with pompoms on the end of springs. Large blue wings protruded from his back. Evidently he was a bee.

“M’lady?” she asked. What century was he from?
“You’re dressed as Arwen, from the Lord of the Rings, are you not?” he replied, studying her long, green robes.
“Oh yes, I am. Please do. Sit, I mean.”

Taking a seat beside her, the boy started chatting happily. He seemed to know a lot about books, which seemed strange for someone so… hot. It wasn’t often boys other that Dave spoke to her, especially not hot ones.

Olivia realised she hadn’t seen him before. He definitely didn’t go to her school, like most of the other people there. He seemed nice enough – Stuart’s friends usually were – but he made her feel uneasy. Something about him wasn’t quite right. He was good-looking, not creepy and very down-to-earth but there was an air about him – wild, like someone who’d live in the mountains, living off whatever they could shoot with their bow and arrow. 

The End

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