Chapter 1.1Mature

“Twleve? You bought twelve?” Helena stared incredulously at the packets of marshmallows.
“You said you liked them so I bought lots.” David replied indignantly, flicking his electric blue hair out of his eyes.
“I do but-“
“Thanks Dave. It’ll a great evening with all of this!” Olivia cut in with a glare at her friend.

The three of them sat on an old, threadbare sofa behind a table covered in various unhealthy snacks and drinks. Olivia sifted through the pile, pulling out a large bag of tangfastics.
“I propose we eat these now and watch How I Met your Mother and then get to work on our costumes?”
A chorus of “Here, here!” answered her.


It was five-thirty when Olivia, David and Helena arrived on the doorstep of Stuart Thompson’s house, and the light had almost completely faded from the sky, leaving a wash of Navy. Stuart had gone to school with them for six years. His family held a Halloween party every year, but usually it was his older brothers hosting it. Now that they’d moved out, it was his turn. He wasn’t really a friend but he was nice enough, besides, this was the one big social event of the year, and everyone was there.

Helena paused, glancing at her friends, before swinging the door open. Already, a lot of people were there, dancing to the music blasting out of the surround sound system, chatting or huddling by the food-coated table.

The costumes varied from put-together-in-five-minutes-from-things-they-found-in-their-laundary-basket to I-bet-that-took-years-to-plan. Or in other words, short dress with bunny ears to proper cosplay.

Dave ran off to get some food, and Helena swooped into the mass of dancing bodies, leaving Olivia alone by the door. She wandered across the hall to the kitchen, where the light was better and the music not so loud, and slid into a chair at the breakfast bar. Parties weren’t really her scene, not like Helena. 

The End

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