It was now more than an hour later, and Nagiza shared the food that Nam got them with Tarskius. Which he didn't like that much. Nam slammed on the breaks as they reached the place they were supposed to head to..

Tarskius and Nam quickly got out with their warrior speed and Nagiza reopened the door and got out, reclosing it after getting out. They were in front of a really old temple, and town, that looked abandoned. All of the buildings' windows were broken, the roofs broken in, etc. Nagiza slowly looked around at all of the debris around them, trying to take it in. Even though this was the very first time she's even been outside of the United States, she couldn't help but sympathize a little to all those who this could have happened to..

"Aye. Hurry up."


Nagiza twitched then jogged up to Nam and Tarskius who were a few feet in front of her and a temple waiting for her. They entered it by Nam breaking down the door. That was...hospitable. Right. Once again, Nagiza had to go through rigorous tasks much like the ones she had to in their base. But this time had these two with her. A little down a hallway, one of them stepped on a tile that sunk down a few feet. All three of them getting those scared/awkward lines, they slowly turned around to see another giant boulder heading straight for them. Tarskius pivoted around to face it and widened his legs to sturden himself. Once holding his arms out, the boulder hit them, then was persistant and tried to urge it on. Tarskius held his ground though, by digging his feet in the floor more.

While he was busy though, thousands of arrows opened up from the upper left wall and shot straight towards Nam and Nagiza. Seeing them before, Nam grabbed onto Nagiza's shirt collar. "Hold on." The next thing she knew, Nagiza was being lunged like a stone across the room then...abruptly hit the top of her head on the wall on the other side. Letting out a weak cough, Nagiza slumped onto the floor, passing out.

The End

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