First MissionMature

It was now around noon later the same day, and Nagiza and Nam were speeding down the road, with Nam driving. Nagiza was looking down, not wanting to look up to see how fast everything was blurring by.

After just a minute, Nagiza slowly glanced up to see the speed meter on the dashboard. It was now reaching 84. Pursing her lips, she looked down again. Nam noticed her nervousness and rolled his eyes. "Are you always scared of everything?" Nagiza, looking back up, noticed Nam looking down at her with a brow raised. "..No. Just being in a speeding car with a weird driver and that monster."


That was all they said to each other for just a little bit. Toten earlier had arranged for them to first get to know each other a little first so they wouldn't be arguing as much and get along with each other when it comes time for battle. But after that, they were going to be on their way to Egypt! Nagiza hadn't even left outside of the United States before!

"So tell me. Do you have a family who loves you back at home?"

Although it seemed  like a strange way to start a conversation, she still needed to answer. After hesitating for a second, she shrugged a little. "Sure, if you count "love" as not believing in me."

"I'm sorry; but at least you have a family. I lost mine when I was alot younger."

Nagiza twitched. She looked up sadly at him, knowing how that must feel. " I'm sorry, too. I know how it feels to lose someone. I lost my father just a year ago."

"I'm sorry. But I lost my family 51 years ago."

 Nagiza twitched back with a disbelief face on. That couldn't be right. Not with how he looked, just a few years over her. "Uh, how old are you..?" "Human life, I would be 73 years old. Warrior life, I'm 22."

Of course. Almost getting killed by a monster and random objects shooting out of a house, and now heading to Egypt with these people? Things couldn't get any weirder. "Can I ask you a question?"


"..After you killed that monster-"


"Right..Specteran. After you killed it, according to- Toten, you were supposed to kill me..right?"

Nam hesitated for a minute before he sighed loudly. "You know, you talk alot."

"Hey!" She yelled in offensiveness.

"Yes. I was supposed to kill you; but I didn't.. 'because...because...'

Before Nam could finish telling her, a couple tears started to dew up in his eyes and threaten to escape when.. Tarskius wacks him on the back of the head!

"What the hell do ya think you're doing, showing tears!?"

Nam grits his teeth then smokes him in the nose, glaring back at him with a pissed glare. "Next time I'll break your neck! And what the hell are you doing here anyway."

Tarskius returned the glare after falling back, holding his nose. "Is that a challenge?! Toten told me to follow you two in case you got yourselves in trouble. Tch."

"Alright. But no more easdropping, got it?!" Nam yelled, flipping the finger at Tarskius as he turned back around to face the road. Tarskius laughed a little and swings his arm over Nam's shoulder, teasing him. "Why so up-tight?"

"Shut up or I'll toss you out of this car."

Tarskius just laughed more and Nagiza giggled a little. "Nam?" It was Nagiza now.

"What  is it."

"I'm hungry."

Huffing, and a bit annoyed, Nam pulled into a gas station store. Once going in and just being a minute though, he just grabbed some bread and canned food then started to walk out. The medium-aged, brown-eyed, bald register man noticed and yelled out, grabbing the phone beside him."Hey! Are you going to pay for that?!"


"Then put the stuff down or I'll call the police." The man threatened, about to dial the numbers. After rolling his eyes and stopping, Nam reached over and grabbed the phone in his free hand and..snapped it in half. Shrieking like a little girl, the man ducked under the desk while Nam exited with a low laugh.

After getting back in the car and throwing the stuff down, Nam pulled out of the parking space and out again. Nagiza glanced in the bag then back into the store with the poor man peeking his head out, looking to see if they left yet. "What happened..?"

"Nothing. I got your food."

"Hey-, I'm hungry too..!" Tarskius commented from the back seat.

"Get yourself something."

The End

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