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The blond one, wide-eyed, just stared at Nagiza as the three of them were quarreling. Tarskius, snickering, turns around and sees the blonds' expression. Nam notices his expression then looks over at him too and takes a step forward.

"Toten, what is it?" "Is something wrong?" Both of them asked at once.

It took a little while for Toten to reclaim himself. Once closing his mouth and eyes turning straight again, he shook his head once. "No. This is quite excellent, actually." Smiling halfway, he glided swiftly down to the three of them then..kneeled down in front of Nagiza, holding her left hand and kissing it. "My apologies. I had no idea you would be among us now. majesty."

Now this was definately a first for the three of them. Nam and Tarskius had a "wth" look on their faces, and Nagiza was just freaked out.

"What the hell're you talkin' about, Toten?"

Not looking up at Tarskius, he answered. "Don't you see? This is the princess we've been searching for." Both of them had an understanding look across their face. A normal human usually wouldn't be able to get over those rigorous tasks that she went through; but she did.

Nagiza took her hand back and raised them up. "Woah woah woah.Why- are you calling me 'majesty'".

Toten stands up and looks her in the eyes, holding up one hand as well, to assure her. "Nagiza?" She slowly nods once. "You are our princess. The one we have been searching for. The one who will help us defeat the cursed specterans and allow us to return to our homeland."

Nagiza's face dropped, thinking what he just said was really weird and corny.

"You still don't understand? Perhaps I should show you, instead of telling you."

He has a slight glow on his index fingernail and lightly touches it against the tip of Nagiza's forehead. Once doing that, it felt like all the information from the past war was being poured into her; it just lasted half a minute. "You are the great, great, great granddaughter of the past queen Hegiki. You are our princess, Nagiza. Nam."


"I want you to explore around with her."

"What?!" Nam yelled with a twitch. Tarskius laughs to himself.

"Wait, wait. What about my family? And school?"

Hesitating a little, he looked back over at her. "You must stay away from them for the time being. If you go around people you care about, the specterans will use them to get to you."

"'re..kidding, right?" Nagiza uttered in sadness and astonishment.

"I'm afraid not. However, once this war is over, I promise that you can return to your normal life."

Nagiza took a sigh of relief. Toten frown for a second then walks over to a small desk and takes out a small pendant and returns, handing it to her. "Here. This necklace can summon the warriors whenever you need them."

Nagiza's eyes sparkled then, seeing the bright, crystal-like pendant hanging from the chain. She takes it, gratefully. "It's beautiful. Thank you." Eye twitching, she glances over to Nam and Tarskius just facepalming. "Wait a minute..Are those two really that strong..?"

Even though Toten laughed a little, Tarskius rolled his eyes and Nam just glowered at her.

'I should've killed her when I had the chance.'

The End

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