The ConfrontationMature

Nagiza slowly blinks and gets up as she wakes up, laying in the back seats of the car now. Sitting up, she rubs the back of her neck where she was hit. "Oww.." That's right..She passed out after the man rescued her.

Noticing that it was parked and she was the only one still in there, she looked forward, but there weren't any keys in. 'Just great. Just leave me alone in a car with no keys and I have no idea where I am.'  Recalling the man's words of warning to her, she gets out and lightly shuts the back passenger door. Looking around once more, she notices a somewhat tall 2 1/2 old building in front and it was in the middle of the night. Figuring that's where the man went, after she rubs her arms a little from the cold, she picks up a bulky tree branch and holds it to her as she glances around as she enters the front of the building. A little pad opens up and a red scanner runs across her eye then closes back up.


Yeah right. Because right after that when the doors opened, a giant..axe came out swinging at her. Screaming, Nagiza drops down on the ground with her face on it and hands covering the top of her head. By some miracle, it just went right above her and went inside again. Once Nagiza caught her breath and looked up, the doors were closing. "No..!" She yelled as she barely made it as she jumped in.

Nagiza rested her left hand on her heart as she stayed kneeling down on the floor and looking at the door close behind her. After catching her breath, Nagiza looks down the narrow, long hallway; and figuring that stuff like that and the monster wouldn't show up again, she gets up and starts to walk down it glancing around. Boy was I stupid. Because unfortunately, more did show up, and one after another, Nagiza had to risk her life by getting away from these stunts: walking on a very thin strip of floor on the side from falling in a big pit, dodging knives thrown from the wall, and running away from a big boulder! "This- can't be happening to me..!"

Trying to run faster, Nagiza spotted another narrow hallway and, as adrenaline kicked in, stopped and leaped into it, rolling once as she fell down. Just a bruise on her elbow. 'What have I gotten myself into. This is way too much!' 

After looking back after the boulder continued to roll down, she gulped. 'Maybe I should just turn around..' Although, she saw the specterans' face again in her mind and another shiver went up her spine. The mans' words echoed in her mind again: "Well, if you don't want to get attacked again, just stay with me." Sighing it off, Nagiza holds her elbow with the stick in her hand, gets up, and when she turns around, there's a big double door not too far. A few feet, maybe.

Not wanting to still be by herself, she slowly takes one step at a time, watching every single thing as she approaches the door. Nothing yet..Good. Once taking a deep breath, Nagiza turns the knob and pushes the door open.

There that room was huge, like a room in a mansion. The floor and walls were nice, there were a couple windows, a big curved V- shape roof, some little lamps around for light, etc. Except..there were more people with that same black cloak on as her rescuer around. One..a middle-aged blond man sitting on a big the front of the room, her rescuer..the man with blue eyes who now had his hood down, revealing short white hair, and another guy who still had his on but had yellow, topaz eyes. Facing her, the white haired man twitched.

"You idiot! Get out of here!"

And before she could digest it, the one with the yellow eyes was now right behind her, holding her wrists back with one of his hands and had a long sword held up to her throat.

"Who are you. What're you doing here."

Naturally, this was just another awesome life-risking adventure she had to go through somehow. But the guy who saved her from the monster was here...He would help her again, right..?

"Answer me."

"Nam. Tarskius."

Both of the male's then looked back up at the blond man who was now standing in front of his throne.."Calm down." Nam hesitated then grunted as he lowered his head. The one behind her, Tarskius, had a little glare off with the head dude then lowered his blade slowly and took the stick from her. As if she could do any damage with that thing. Slowly slumping to her knees and hands, Nagiza tried to catch her breath again.

Facing the white-haired guy, the blond spoke:"Nam. Do you know that female?"

"She was attacked by a specteran, so I killed it."

"And you didn't kill her afterwards?"

Nam bowed his head, being shameful. The blond just nodded once in understandment. Facing Nagiza, he talked again. "Girl, what's your name?"

Unfortunately, she was still in shock that she couldn't talk yet. Tarskius bonked her on the back of her head with his hilt. "Don't gock. Answer him."

This time though, it came from Nam. "Her name's Nagiza."

Then the idiot yellow-eyes dude got in a stance, still holding his sword towards Nam..


Nagiza stuttered then slowly got in front of her rescuer, holding her arms out in front of him. "He may be the biggest jerk I know, but he saved my life!"

The blond one raised a brow at her as he walked down towards them. "You are..brave for a human." But then as the three of them started to quarrel, his eyes widened. 'No...It can't be..' .

The End

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