Nagiza is a normal, 17-year old girl with a family that doesn't really act normal around her. She thought she had a normal life, but she was wrong when one night she got attacked by a really horrible monster called a specteran; because she lived through the ambush, now she has to team up with a group of people called the warriors, who have weird powers, to stop a war..

Ever since the year 1776, a war has been going on around the world between two groups of people. A species of monsters called specterans and the good guys who just call themselves the warriors. However, both groups had a leader, or king/queen. The warriors' was a late-20's looking female named Hegiki, while for the specterans, it was a middle-aged man named Isamu. In order to stop Isamu from gaining her powers though, she had to seperate her powers and memories away, one from each into little crystals that scattered all around the world.

Now in the present. It's March 13, 2013 around twilight time. No one else is in the house because they're either at work or at a friends'; but Nagiza wanted to go out to buy dinner for her family. As she's walking back, the news can be heard. "Hello. Robin Roberts from Good Morning America. A new body has been found with mysterious fang and claw marks all over its' body. This is a warning to everyone to not walk the streets alone at night." And unfortunately, that's exactly what Nagiza was doing with the store bags--since the store isn't far from her house. As she's walking, there isn't even a car passing by. Glancing off, she looks around. [I] cars. No big deal..We live on a dead end.[/I]

Right after though, a bottle falls on the ground, making a big noise. Stopping after turning around, she's still by herself. She gulps a little. "Is someone there..?!" No one responded. After hesitating, Nagiza turns back around and starts to walk a little more faster, heading home. Although, she doesn't get far until a long, large, and weird growl is heard. After a shiver rolls up her spine, Nagiza runs off, trying to get away from all of it. Even after running passed a young man that was covered up in a black cloak.

[I]No-..No..I can't die yet..! Someone..please...![/I] However, right after a really tall, ugly monster aka specteran showed up with its' big fangs hanging out of it's drooling mouth. "Ahh. My dinner came to me." It said as it grabbed her with it's upper arms. Being terrified, Nagiza let out a big scream, which the guy in the cloak heard. Somehow, then, Nagiza felt someone's hands on her shoulders and then she felt herself standing beside the mystery guy; and both of them were standing behind the monster, with the guy holding a spear up, glaring up at the thing. "You..You saved me..?" Nagiza muttered in astonishment. She was seriously shaking now...She was almost killed like all those other people that were on the news..

Nagiza's rescuer just glanced at her for a second before the specteran started to charge at both of them, seeking food and yelling. Nagiza gasps then yells, "Look out!" Right before the specteran hit him, the guy in the cloak grabbed the specterans' claw, gripped it, then..ripped it off. Ugh. It all went by Nagiza so fast.. First she was just walking home from the store with groceries, about to be killed by a monster, and now some mysterious guy who saved her was killing it.

"Burn to ashes." Said the man as he held up his palms towards the specteran. His hands started to glow red, then multiple fire bullets came out of both of them and started to engult it. After leaping up on the screaming monster's shoulders, to make sure it would die, the guy rips the monsters' head off with blood spurting everywhere. Nagiza scowls and covers her eyes as some of the monster's blood splatters on her face and clothes. Waiting a minute to lower her arms, she sees the man, who has really bright blue eyes, staring at her. Before Nagiza can respond, she's grabbed again and thrown into the passenger seat of a car  with a light yelp. Immediately after the guy gets in and drives off, she slowly sits up. [I]Great. Now I'm being kidnapped..[/I] "Wait..Stop! What-- the hell was that thing..!? Who..are you? Where are you taking me!?"


That shuts her up and she leans on the back of the seat. "You shouldn't even still be alive.....What's your name?"

After regaining her breath, she's still sweating a little. "N..n-nagiza. A-nd what do you mean I "shouldn't still be alive". Who are you..!

Once sighing, she heard him say,"My name is none of your business. As for that monster back there? Well...unless you want to be attacked again, stay with me." Once again, after Nagiza sighs exasperately and before she's able to respond again, she feels a light tap on the back of her neck.

Her eyes start to droop low and she feels like she's about to fall. Although, before she passes out, she hears her rescuer murmur, "I'm sorry."

The End

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