Emma ChandlerMature

The teen was abducted from the 7-11 in Kennebunk after her 22 year old cousin Felix had gone into purchase some cigarettes, a half gallon of milk and (impulsively) a Twix bar for Emma.

Felix exited the store unassumingly and walked back to his 1993 Toyota Paseo, faded red and plauged with transmission issues, and noticed that Emma was no longer in the passenger's seat clattering away on her cellphone as when he had left her.

This realization did not cause great alarm in him initially. Emma was friendly with most of the "important" kids that would be driving around on a Tuesday night purposelessly, or with the intent to buy cannabis from nearly braindead bricklayers' houses that always smelled like puddle water and cat shit. So she could easily have bumped into one of them and skittered over to one of their plastic-looking Japanese little cars as they pumped their gas. looking to flirt as she often did. But he scanned the gas pumps, the storefront area again, the gas pumps and the ice chest, but he could not find his 16 year old cousin. He had even re-entered the store to grab the bathroom key. When he opened the door all he saw was a suprisingly clean toilet illumined by a flourescent bulb so burning and intense it made him sneeze.

As he came out into the dimming night he suddenly became dizzy and his mind convulsed with a thousand horrible visions and burning curiosities. Had she gotten into a car with one of her young male stoner friends? Sure these guys were nothing you'd want your own children to emulate, and they didn't really have too many interesting things to add to your conversations, but he would certainly have been relieved if he could confirm that that was what transpired: A silly instance of a child not knowing that they had inadvertantly scared a loved on out of their skin in the name of self-interested marijuana smoking. But something inside him, that elevated and maniacal consciousness that can only be caused by shock or adrenaline, told him that it was something far more sinister. He made one more desperate mission around the the perimiter of the 7-11 and the one residential neighborhood in a 4 mile radius, bellowing her name like an injured black bear. Nothing. The only place he hadn't searched was the dense and apparently impenitrable foreboding forest, which would have been pointless to do on his own, and impossible in that waning light. He sat on a curb outside a blue ranch house and ground his palms into his forehead and, tugging at his hair a little. He was not crying but his eyes had a dissociated intensity. Feeling like a fool, and blaming himself, Felix did what he had seen so many white smock and stethoscope-adorned cartoons and people in movies do: He walked back to the payphone at the 7-11 and dialed 9-1-1.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

"Yeah," Felix said, panting a bit. "I think my cousin was kidnapped...or something"

But he realized that was only a guess. For all intents and purposes, Emma Chandler disappered, leaving no trace behind.

The End

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