I turn around to let innocence mature...

I can't do this horrible thing, not to a child. I know what this will mean as I turn away. They will hunt me, and try to kill me for what I failed to do. In my eyes, there is nothing closer to God than the innocence of a child. Perhaps that is what I have been chosen to see, to share with others? So many wild thoughts like this race through my head at one time.

My childhood flashes before my eyes, and how my innocence was taken from me plays before my eyes like an American movie. My family were converts to Christianity back then. Those who took my innocence from me hated us because of it. They said we did not follow the true path of God, that there was only one way, and that it was not the way of the Infidel.

I was nine years old when the gunmen broke into our home. They shot and killed my father and older brother, calling them collaborators. My mother cried as they tossed her around, slowly stripping away her clothing until she was naked. First they forced her to suck on the end of an AK-47. Then they raped her repeatedly with their weapons as they shouted above her screams "Where is your God now, whore of collaborators?"

After they finished humiliating her with their weapons, they forced her to suck their cocks. Some forced her to swallow their seed while others sprayed it all over her. Then the leader of the gunmen walked over to her. "You are now a widow" he said to her. "You are still young and vital. Renounce your God, and turn from the ways of the Infidel, and I will take you for my own. I will fill your belly with many beautiful children in the name of he who is most merciful."

My mother would not renounce her faith. She looked up at the leader and quietly said "I forgive you. You know not what you do." The leader became irate. "I know exactly what I'm doing!" he ranted at her. "You shall be our whore, and you will bear a child to every man in this room before you die!" The gunmen forced her up on all fours, and the leader raped her from behind until he filled her with his seed. Then they all took turns raping her, filling her with their seed. She lay there on the floor after they finished with her, sobbing. Their seed oozed out of her vagina there was so much.

Their attention then turned to me. The leader gently caressed my face, and dried away my hysterical tears. "I am your new father" he said to me. "I will raise you as my own. This whore on the floor is no longer your mother."

That was so many years ago. Yet today it seems almost as vivid to me as if it all just happened. I was retrained in the name of he who is most merciful, and kept a virgin. My father had always called me special, and said that I was chosen for a divine purpose.

My divine purpose, my chosen mission, the one I choose for myself, is to let the innocent live. I forgive them. They know not what they do.

I smile at my escort as I take a sip of wine. "It's a beautiful night" I say to him. "Not as beautiful as you are, my lady" he replies. "Be careful what you say" I tell him with a shy, enticing smile. "Flattery may get you your heart's desires."

The End

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