Through the Door

The snake stared back at me with liquid, golden eyes and smiled, which was a deeply unsettling thing for a snake to do. The smile remained unmoved on the snake’s face as I heard her voice echoing in my head.

Who have we here? A dead soul, and…

Her eyes narrowed as they fixed on Avalynn.

A necromancer.

Avalynn inclined her head politely in a sort of half-bow, which struck me as even more unsettling than the snake smiling. I didn’t think it was possible for her to be respectful.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lilith. My name is Avalynn.” she said carefully, pocketing her book discreetly. She shot me a look that seemed to say, ‘thanks for waking her up, idiot’.

The snake swung her head to face Avalynn. Miss Lucy doesn’t take kindly to necromancers, no matter how polite they are. Your kind, always wriggling their way into places they don’t belong, have been bending her laws for ages. She certainly wouldn’t be happy to know of one in her own castle. 

 Her body knotted tighter around the door handles. Avalynn assumed a stony expression.

“I don’t think my client will appreciate my lateness,” she said, meeting Lilith’s eyes with a steady gaze. “We both know how impatient Beelzy can be.”

Lilith’s mesmerizing gold eyes narrowed further, until they were thin, barely visible slits of light.

 Beelzy wouldn’t rely on a necromancer to do his work. And he has not the time to deal with a useless, insignificant dead soul like him.

                I opened my mouth to give an angry retort when a heavy lavender boot planted painfully on my foot. Avalynn, speaking over my cry of pain, continued calmly.

“What ol’ Bubba does is his business. If you want to make it yours, good luck. I’m just here to deliver him.” she said, twisting the sole of her boot excruciatingly into my foot. I nodded profusely. Lilith’s eyes met Avalynn’s, fiery gold meeting cloudy lavender. After several tense minutes, she uncoiled her serpentine body from the door handles.

Very well.

She slithered past us, twisting around a nearby statue. The boot lifted from my foot and Avalynn pulled me towards the door, quickly slipping through and away from the suspicious scrutiny of Lilith.

“I thought you didn’t know who your employer is?” I whispered, as we approached a flight of fancy, polished silver stairs. I had a lot of questions, like who Beelzy was, and if we were about to meet him, but I by then I had learned to keep questions few and far apart if I wanted an answer. The room we had entered was dominated by the wide, impressive looking staircase.

          Everything in the place was fancy and oozing with opulence, from the golden floorboards to the overhanging diamond chandeliers. It made my fingers itch. Back when I was alive, I knew I would have wasted no time in prying out every diamond and unwinding every thread of gold embroidery in the mansion until there was nothing left. My wistful thoughts were interrupted when Avalynn finally answered.

“I don’t. I was completely bluffing.” She was taking the stairs two steps at a time, and once again I found myself struggling to keep up.

“And sooner or later she’ll probably figure that out.” She cast me an aggravated glance. “The person who hired me better have the money out front, for all the trouble you’re causing me…”

           I briefly considered pointing out the fact that it was her who got us both into this mess in the first pace, and that she shouldn’t expect an easy-going time in Hell anyways, when I felt a painful throb from where she’d stomped on my foot. I decided to remain silent.

The End

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