The Gateway

Avalynn was still fuming about the ambrosia, even now, two hours later. She was reluctant, but she still guided me through this Hell to the man, or person, I'm just assuming it's a man, who so direly needed to see me.

So far, she just ignored every single question or statement I voiced. I didn't see how this time would be any different, but I decided to ask anyway.

"So how much longer 'til we get there?"

She sighed, which is the most I'd gotten since the Hound's attack. "If I answer this question, will you shut up for the remainder of the journey?" A real, actual response! I was shocked.

Indifferently though, I answered, "Maybe. I might for an hour or two, but I make no guarantees about for the whole journey."

She sighed again, muttering, "I might as well take what I can get." I didn't think I was supposed to hear that, and decided to ignore it. "If we push on through the night, which I highly suggest, we will reach the Gateway by dawn."

I nodded, staying true to my word about staying silent for a while.

There really isn't anything worth reporting for the next seven hours. We just trudged on along the path lined with an army of Dead in pure and complete silence.

Dawn was only about forty-five minutes away by now.

"So, we're almost there now?" I asked, wiping my eyes and yawning.

"Yes," Avalynn sounded relieved to say. She still had an edge to her voice, but it wasn't nearly as harsh as it had previously been.

Forty-five minutes later, I stood in awe of the black Gateway. Behind the wrought iron bars with pointy tips, a charcoal black palace loomed in front of me. I gazed up at the tall spires, speechless.

The gate doors swung forward, and Avalynn had to pull me along behind her.

The End

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