"Our what?" I asked with a futile attempt to wrap my mind around it.

"Are you deaf? Our pursuer," she said, still walking at her ridiculous pace.

I surreptitiously pulled the cotton balls out of my ears and replied with a quiet, "No."

I ran to catch up to her and slowed to a jog. "Who is following us?" I asked.

"I don't know," she answered. She sounded honest enough, but she wasn't looking at me, and her eyes could hide an elephant even if she were facing me.

I sighed and gave up trying to get anything out of her. Instead, we continued on in this state, her walking at a brisk pace, and me jogging out of breath to keep up.

As the sky began to darken into a hazy dark blue, the sun dipping below the horizon, my nameless guide slowed her pace, much to my appreciation.

"Are we here?" I asked, suspicious.

"Quiet," she whispered. Cautiously, she took a long, elegant bow from somewhere I hadn't noticed and reached for an arrow out of her quiver. She aimed into the tree branches above the wall of Dead surrounding us. 

She fired.

Something fell from the branch and landed with a thud on the ground behind the wall of dead. She wouldn't stay to find out what it was, or if it was dead. Well, more dead than everything else in this strange, cold world.

She took off running and I followed in pursuit, thankful that I was a really fast runner, if not a fast walker; I was still about fifteen feet behind though. We ran for almost twenty minutes straight.

Eventually, she slowed.

"What was that?" I asked, doubling over and gasping for breath.

"I'm not sure." My eyes widened to the size of saucers.

"Why did you shoot it? What if it could have helped?" I wondered.

"It would not have helped."

"How do you know?" I didn't realize that she was actually giving me answers.

"Nothing can help you," was all she said.

"Can we rest?" I complained, my legs screaming obscenities at me.

"If you need to rest already, you are very weak. He'll be disappointed," she stated matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean? Who will be disappointed?" I demanded.

"Do not worry about it now. Rest."

The last thing I remembered was the mysterious lavender-cloaked guide waving her hands, and then blackness.

The End

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