Nameless Wonder

No clue where this is going. Feel free to add on, I guess.

I looked into her pale lavender eyes, hoping to catch a glimpse of humor, waiting with baited breath for her to start laughing and say "I got you good!"

I realized, with plummeting spirit, that this was no joke.  I took in what she'd said again, and tossed it around from side to side across the chasm in my mind.  I was leaning towards saying no, but I pondered the possibilities if I were to remain here.

Fear shattered my resolve; fear of what lied in store for me in this place. Sure, this new road was perilous, unknown; but the road I was leaving was even worse, if that were possible.

"Fine," I agreed with a shaky voice.

"Are you positive? Remember, I am giving you a choice. You are allowed to decline," she said.

"I'm sure. Now, let's get out of here. The air here is foul, and the silence is tainted with listeners."

"Very well." I tried to read the emotion in her eyes, but there was none. I could not tell if she was joyous at my agreement to come with her, or if she was saddened that I hadn't decided to remain here, where my fate was known.

Without further comment, she turned from me and began to walk the ancient, worn path between the trees, her pale, shimmering lavender cloak billowing out from behind her, scraping the earth. I followed silently, anxious to escape this foul place.

The End

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