In a world much like this one, a young woman (Olivia) ventures off with her friend Rupert, an archeologist, in a search to unveil the mysteries behind a cursed ring. They unwittingly stumble upon a man named Nameless who aids them on their quest to explore untraveled paths and dangerous new worlds.

Deep in the wet and twisting streets of a city, in a world much like this one, a man with no name sat slumped against an alley wall. He was bitterly drunk, a small, cheap bottle of absinthe resting limply in his hand. It was raining, a harsh cold beat from the sky. As the man took a swig, acid green specks flying in front of his eyes, he coughed the miserable stuff down, letting the cold rain run down his bare chest as he tried to forget.

He tried to forget how unimportant he was, and how unimportant he thought he would remain. However, across villages and cities, vast forests and crescents of salty seas, a young woman sat at a table with her friend, discussing a matter of great importance. One that would alter the course of history, change the lives of millions, and quite possibly save them all.

The man with no name knew nothing about the matter, and it wouldn’t be until seven long days had passed before he knew anything at all.

But, remember this: Nameless would soon be named.

The End

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