Ninja Move

I was trained in Karate, my dad said it would help loosen my joints for running, I wasn't so sure but I was a natural. Now I lashed out with a forward kick into the mans face writhed from his grasp, then delivered a roundhouse kick to the legs knocking him down. The red light in his eyes went out and when he opened his eyes he was normal, he looked confused then scared. The others moved in on me and just as they formed a ring around me, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me through the tumultuous mass of writhing bodies heading towards a large podium. When I saw our destination I began to cleave a path with my karate while being dragged.

When we reached the podium, the crowd had figured out what had happened, we began to climb desperately trying to avoid the red eyed army that was slowly scaling the wall after us. When I reached the top I started running. My saviour wasn't as fast as me and was being mobbed by the horrible people that were working for who ever was running this operation. I wasn't sure what to do next it would change my life...  

The End

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