I woke up in the middle of the city; you could tell it was a city because of the smell. That smell was overwhelming, but still. I know it’s crazy but to put it plainly, that was to only thing I could smell. Now where was I, ah, now I remember, I was on a pavement; wait, no that is not remembering, that is feeling, but the air tasted like I was on a pavement what was wrong with me, my senses were so mixed up, but from what I could tell I was lying on a pavement in the middle of a city and EVERYTHING WAS STILL, I wish something would move, someone, anything, and it was.

How can I explain this, it sounded crazy I know, but as soon as I thought that, the city was alive. Cars blaring in my nose, peoples perfume in my ears, the pavement tasting so hard with so many people running backwards and forwards to and fro to work. And it was normal, so I got up.

Now I began to think for real; who am i? What am I doing here? And why don’t I remember anything?

My mind is mashed up more than shepherd’s pie, and that is an Achievement! But now to the question at hand….

The End

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