In a small amount of times that word suddely meant a whole lot more to me.

I was running so fast that the other doores were meer blurs woosh ing pas me. How fast  was i Running? it seemed like i was going a a million miles an hour, then i actually decided to think. now what shouldi do. I slowed down. but it seemed the exact same as it did at the beginning, only i cold not see thed door which i had entered from.

The only thing i could do was to try one of the doors. But there were so many; i really didn'ty have a choice did i?

I tried one of the doors.

It was open. i walked on through and saw a kid standing write in front of me. he seemed to be in some sort of unearthly paradise. he was simply looking up. then i looked at everyone  else. they were going backwords and forwards. literally, itwas like a little kid had the remote controll to the universe and was pressin fast forward, rewind as if there was no tommorow, which there wouldnt be at this rate. he had no idea that i was there so i decidecd to speak up.

The End

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