Sometimes that happensMature

She and Ashlie slowly drifted apart, but Wyntre kept Ashlie in her heart always, even if she wasn't thinking of her. Wyntre, her mother, and brother, had been in Oregon for half of a year after Their mother Medically retired from the army.

They tried to keep themselves together, each one finding a different way to cope. Wyntre would fall in love with two boys, and both would break her heart, a few times. They moved to Maryland. She found out she was bisexual. She never kept it to herself.

She was teased through her two years at Braddock middle school. She got through it. She was in the hospital a couple times. Once for suicide, it wasn't an attempt, but the school found out she was suicidal.

She hid everything from everyone, until she met him. She just wanted to check the site out, the first time. The last time, she was giving up. She was ranting, she was going to die that night. She didn't know how she would do it, but she was determined.

He kept her talking, got her to add him on facebook. "Why not?" She thought. "Not like I'll ever talk to him again" But somehow, She ended up talking to him all night. Over a period of months, she fell in love with him. She told him everything. In turn, he offered her a safe haven for her secrets, he offered her protection.

For the first time, she was in actual love. And she couldn't have been happier. They were together by April. He broke her heart in July. They are still best friends, but heart break still crushes her. He saved her life many times.

She talked with her new friend, Skye.

Earlier: She spent a month and twelve days out in Washington and California. She fought with her grandmother a lot. The eight days she spent with her grandparents in california couldn't be long enough.

She was spending her last night in Silverdale, her next night would be in Port Orchard. She was watching T.V. with one of her grandmothers friends, when she was messaged by a very close she hadn't spoken to in forever. She asked if she could call, Wyntre gratefully gave her her number and collapsed onto the ground when she was given the brutal news Ashlie had committed suicide May 24th. She cried herself to sleep and could not think properly or function right. She lost all physical, mental, and emotional strength to do anything. She lost the will. She was just a hollowed out shell.

The End

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