Her, everythingMature

Wyntre was struggling to comprehend everything. Her mother was shutting everything and everyone out, trying to get her stuff together. So Wyntre bonded with their neighbor, Ashlie Wallace. Ashlie was married to Branden, they had a son, His name is Owen, he was two years old.

They'd had a puppy, his name was Hercules. Initially, that's how they met. She offered her dog walking services to Ashlie, whom gratefully accepted. She acquired a dog sitting job for them as well.

They spent more and more time together, often Wyntre spending the night there, they were very close. They came to love each other as mother and daughter.

Soon enough, they got their stuffed packed up, Wyntre and her family. They moved into a friends house in Oregon. They spent a half a year there.

Wyntre kept up as much contact as she could with Ashlie, but it slowly dwindled down.

The End

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